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Nemesis battle suit blueprints

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From the Story Arc "Mass Duplicity" given by Anton Sampson.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 35-39.

Souvenir's Text

Nemesis battle suit blueprints

These blueprints remind you of the fantastic pieces of machinery you took down in an adventure you've come to think of as:

Mass Duplicity

When you hit a warehouse to stop a shipment of dangerous weapons technology, you didn't expect to come face to face with Nemesis soldiers. In the battle that ensued, you discovered an encoded set of shipping logs.

The shipping logs were written in code, so a cryptographer named Lisa Colbert was called in to decrypt them. But Nemesis forces caught up with Lisa, and you had to rescue her. The decoded logs listed a series of front companies being used by Nemesis. They also contained an ominous reference to a new prototype.

You went to investigate one of the front companies, and were attacked by sophisticated automatons that looked like office workers. You fought your way through, but found no information on the prototype.

Your next lead was another front company, but this time you were ready for Nemesis's deadly duplicate automatons. You also fought Nemesis troops, and discovered the location of a warehouse that might hold the prototype you sought.

You struck the warehouse, battling through Nemesis troops and automatons. The clues you found made the battle worthwhile. You learned that the prototype was some kind of new robotic weapon. You also learned of a central records storehouse, which might contain information about the prototype's new location.

The attack on the records center yielded more than you'd hoped for. You found a complete listing of all Nemesis automatons currently impersonating city figures, as well as the prototype's new location. The same documents also told you that the prototype you sought was a new Nemesis battle suit suitable for mass production.

You attacked the lab where the prototype was being assembled, but came away with only a set of assembly blueprints and a testing schedule.

The weapon was already being tested against the Rikti. You traveled to their lair and took on the fearsome machine, destroying it before about it could be unleashed on the city streets.

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