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Mu'Vorkan's Personal Story

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From the Story Arc "An Act of Mercy" given by Mu'Vorkan.
This Souvenir is restricted to level 50.

Souvenir's Text

Mu'Vorkan's Personal Story

Mu'Vorkan was forced to return to Grandville to give a report about what happened in Dark Astoria. In the end, Mu'Vorkan struck a deal with Lord Recluse himself. Mu'Vorkan had a desire to become something greater than he currently was, namely a patron of Arachnos. Lord Recluse proposed to Mu'Vorkan that if he could somehow kill Scirocco, Ice Mistral, and Mu'Drakhan, and also find someone who would be his second in command, that Mu'Vorkan would earn his place as a patron. However, Recluse mentioned that many have tried in the past to do such a task, and all of them have failed. Mu'Vorkan was sent back to Dark Astoria to keep an eye on Scirocco, though he waits for his moment where he can ascend to something greater, to become a face in a sea of faceless minions.

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