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===== {{UL|Release Katie Douglas from the Seer Network}} =====
===== {{UL|Recover the Manual of the Dead}} =====
'''Unnecessary Solicitation'''
'''Unnecessary Solicitation'''

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Part One: Past Debts Due


Character, it is time to do the things left undone in Sorceress Serene's wake. I think we can both agree that the first thing we should do is release poor Katie Douglas from the Seer Network.

She will need a familiar face to regain her bearings and I think you would do well to be the one to release her.

  • Agreed.

Good, I only hope that once released she is willing to help me study some strange psychic disturbances I've been sensing. First Ward has always had strange psychic activity, especially with the arrival of the Vortex, but this is both familiar and strange at the same time. That these disturbances started following Serene's death cannot be a coincidence.

I will continue looking for a pattern in these disturbances, but I could certainly use Katie's help.

Recover the Manual of the Dead

Unnecessary Solicitation Missing Unnecessary Solicitation Dialogue

Mission Objective(s)

You become keenly aware that the magical defenses of the Midnight Mansion's mystical vault are aware of you, and they want to kill you.

  • Recover the Manual of the Dead
    • Retrieve Tremaine's Manual of the Dead

Badge question mark.png
Tremaine’s Book of the Dead


"The spells placed upon the book appear to be missing..."

  • Proceed with Caution

"You look over the book and realize that the magical spells in place to defend it are hiding, waiting for you to try and pick up the book!"

  • Pick up the Manual and prepare for battle

"You pick up Tremaine's Manual of the Dead and ready yourself for battle. As you expected the guardian spells emerge from between the pages and attack!"

  • Attack!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Recover the Manual of the Dead
    • Defeat the Guardian Spells

You've recovered Tremaine's Manual of the Dead!

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Three waves of Animus Arcana spells will attack.

Badge question mark.png
Tremaine’s Book of the Dead


"You have defeated the guardians and can now claim Tremaine's Manual of the Dead."

  • Take the Manual

"You have claimed the Manual of the Dead."

  • Leave



You've recovered the Manual!?


Within its pages we can determine what wickedness is at hand here. I'll have some answers for you in a few hours, and more than likely, need of your help once again.