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Mission:Tip - You Get Hit in the Face!

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Rogue Isles
Available to Vigilantes
Level range 30–39
Choice Villain
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You Get Hit in the Face!

Alignment Mission

A paper napkin smacks you in the face during a sudden wind gust, when you look at it to throw it away you see it is covered in a hand written message in Vietnamese.

Translate the message written in Vietnamese

You translate the message and it indicates that a Tsoo Tattoo Artist is ready to begin his work upon Sky Dragon, gifting him with mystical power. This power must be great if Sky Dragon is willing to work with the infamous Tsoo to get it. Sky Dragon is not deserving of such power. He will squander it to no useful end by attempting to adhere to his misguided sense of nobility. After realizing he is wasting the power he may go too far and end up using the power for evil. You cannot let such power be wasted or allowed to corrupt Sky Dragon to evil. The only sensible thing to do is to go to the Tattoo Artist's shop, stop Sky Dragon, and take the power unto yourself. Only you can ensure that it is used for good.

VILLAIN:Take the mystical tattoo power for yourself, so it is safe from evil


Unnecessary Solicitation