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You're a Cruel One, Mr. Phipps (45-50)

An alarm rings on your police communicator. Activating it, you find out that Arachnos has kidnapped the man known as Westin Phipps and are currently airing their interrogation of the man. You push a few buttons to bring up the video feed of the interrogation...

The Arachnos soldier in the video violently backhands Phipps, demanding that he tell them everything about the up and coming heroes within the Rogue Isles. Phipps refuses, stating that he would never 'betray the people that are so dear to him'. He is hit again, though he refuses to talk.

You know better, however - Westin Phipps is a tool for Arachnos. Investigating further, you discover that Arachnos is broadcasting this to draw attention away from the kidnapping of several prominent figures in the Isles - one being the reporter, Amanda Vines.

You weren't sure how low Arachnos could possibly stoop, though the heartless Westin Phipps shows just how cutthroat they are. If Arachnos thinks they can use this act to distract everyone else from there kidnappings, they have another thing coming to them. Someone needs to rescue Amanda Vines and the other people in the Isles who truthfully stand for the people.

Westin Phipps, however just might be the most evil man you've ever heard of, purposefully earning the trust of the people in the Isles, only to betray them. Just the thought of what he does is utterly disgusting. He is a man who has never truly paid for his crimes against his fellow man. It's time for that to change - today.

Hero Acceptance


Arachnos is going to use every trick in the book to keep the people of the Isles oppressed and under their control - to the extent where they'd force people to have more faith in their pawn, Westin Phipps. If the people lose more figures like Amanda Vines from WPSDR, the people who are truly looking out for them, all they'll have left is this puppet of Arachnos.

You need to make sure the people of the Rogue Isles still have someone they can trust!

Mission Acceptance

You'll make use of one of the helicopters in Independence Port to get yourself into the Isles - then it's a matter of following the clues to find out where these people are being kept!

Unnecessary Solicitation

Arachnos won't win this time. Not if you have anything to say about it.

Mission Objective(s)

You've made your way into this warehouse within the heart of Grandville. The people in here don't have long - you need to hurry!

  • Save the people of the Isles!
    • 3 people to save!
    • Disable the Arachnoid release program!
    • Defeat Hollow Point!

You rescued everyone in the warehouse, preventing Arachnos from gaining an even greater foothold in the Isles!

Hollow Point


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
V badge Rogue.png Rogues Gallery

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
There Are Others, Too!
After giving you a large hug in thanks, Miss Francine told you that there were others that were kidnapped by Arachnos - Amanda Vines, the reporter from WPSDR, and some Rikti.

'You've got to help them! Vines...I think they'll just rough her up, like they usually do. But I heard they're going to feed the Rikti to Arachnoids!

Then when it's all done, they said..oh it's horrible...they're going to unleach Arachnoids into part of the slums in Grandville! You're got to stop them!'


You saved everyone in the warehouse from a horrific fate at the hands of Arachnos. The people of the Isles - and also the Rikti Traditionalists - are safer now.

Vigilante Acceptance


Westin Phipps is a man who goes beyond the very term 'evil'. His sick heart knows only pleasure from the suffering of others. You can imagine he might actually be enjoying the beating that Arachnos is giving to him, if only because it will give him opportunities to exploit others.

You're going to storm into the base where he's being held and give Phipps what he dserves - a beating that will last him a lifetime.

Even if it's caught on tape for all of the Isles to don't care. Phipps will live knowing that you look over his shoulder, waiting for the chance to beat him to a pulp.

Beat the snot out of Westin Phipps!

You snag a ride on board a helicopter and begin your journey to the Rogue Isles. Phipps won't know what hit him.

Mission Objective(s)

You've arrived in the base where Phipps is being kept. According to your video feed, the Arachnos lackeys 'torturing' Phipps have given him a moment of respite. Perfect.

  • Beat down Westin Phipps!
    • Beat down Westin Phipps!

Westin Phipps won't be recovering from the beating you gave him anytime soon

Shock Treatment


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
V badge Rogue.png Rogues Gallery

Notable NPCs

Normally Shock Treatment seems all sorts of crazy, but right now she's seething with fury. It seems taking out Westin Phipps really triggered an emotional response.


Westin Phipps stares down at the ground, putting on his best distressed impression for the cameras. You can feel at least a dozen cameras in this room, all of them catching everything that happens here, broadcasting it back to the people of the Rogue Isles. Westin Phipps looks up, taking notice of you.

Character! Thank goodness you've arrived! I thought these ruffians in Arachnos would be the end of me! You have to save me, please!

  • I'm not here to save you, Phipps.
You're not? Then what are you here for, Character...?
Westin Phipps raises his voice, ensuringthat he can be heard.
I'm here to deliver vengeance, Phipps, for all the people you have hurt!
Vengeance? For all the people I've hurt? Who have I hurt?!
I've done nothing but HELP the people of the Isles... and you say you're going to attack me... for what?
For HELPING people?!
I know who you really are, Phipps. You can't fool me! (Attack Phipps!)

  • (Turn to the cameras to reveal to the world who Phipps really is)
You turn to the cameras, explaining to the people the true nature of Westin Phipps - that he is an agent of Arachnos, that he serves to raise the hopes of the people in the Isles only to crush them, much to his enjoyment. When you finish, you turn to Phipps, who shakes his head sadly.
...I feel pity for you, Character. That you have fallen for the tricks of Arachnos... who have mercilessly slandered my name... to the point where the people of Paragon believe me to be a villain, of all things!
You liar! This is not Arachnos propaganda!
It's not too late, Character. You can still free me from the clutches of Arachnos! You can save me from their pain!
Westin Phipps stands up, walking up close to you. He tips his head, covering his face with his hands. He gives you an evil smirk and whispers to you.
You'll never win, Character. I'll always be a step ahead. And the people of the Isles... will always need me.
We'll see about that, Phipps (Attack Westin Phipps!)

  • (Beat the living daylights out of Phipps!)
You leap at Westin Phipps, beginning a long, brutal beating before he could say a word. You go at it for some time, somewhat surprised that no Arachnos operative tries to stop you. You finally kick Westin Phipps aside a few minutes after he loses consciousness.
(Kick Phipps again for good measure before leaving)

  • Leave

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush!

After 'talking' to Phipps you will be ambushed by Shock Treatment


You return to Paragon, overhearing the uproar in the Isles. The people in the slums see you as a villain, while Phipps has become an even greater savior to them. Not that it matters - you know where the lines are drawn, and get a little satisfaction seeing Westin Phipps on crutches. Let's see how many diabolical plans he can help move forward when he spends most of his time in a bed for the next few weeks.