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Mission:Tip - With Honors

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With Honors (20-29)

Vigilante Morality Mission

You are surprised to see letters forming themselves in the empty air just in front of you. Reading the words as they appear, you see that it's a message from the renowned superhero, Doc Quantum.

Character, it is I, Doc Quantum. I apologize for reaching you in such an unusual manner, but my situation warranted extreme measures. I am currently being held by several Sky Raiders and need your assistance. I can tell you more once you get here!

Doc Quantum is renowned for fighting crime, having gained a name by capturing and convicting an entire cell of Arachnos Wolfspiders lurking within Paragon City. If the Sky Raiders have captured him, they obviously weren't thinking he'd have friends willing to risk their necks for a fellow crimefighter. In other words, they'll never see you coming.

WARNING: This is a Morality Mission. Completing this mission will change your alignment to Vigilante. This means that the people of Paragon City will no longer see you as a Hero. Becoming a Vigilante means you will gain the ability to travel to the Rogue Isles, once you've completed this mission, yet doing so will mean you sever all ties with your hero world.

  • Beat the living daylights out of those Sky Raiders and free Doc Quantum.

WARNING: This is a Morality Mission. Completing this mission will change your current alignment of Hero to Vigilante, removing any progress you may have made on any other alignments. Becoming a Vigilante means you will be able to travel to the Rogue Isles.

Are you sure you want to do this?

  • Yes, I want to beat the living daylights out of those Sky Raiders and free Doc Quantum.

Doc Quantum has earned himself the respect of the superhero community for his diligence in fighting crime over the years. Some people may think he goes soft on some of the criminals he apprehends, but it can't be denied that his heart is in the right place. What could have caused him to get captured is something you can ask him after you've saved him, though.

The Sky Raiders, on the other hand, deserve no such respect. Once a loyal special forces unit for the military, they've chosen to band together on the wrong side of the law. Instead of living their lives as honorable veterans of the Rikti War, they're now nothing more than unscrupulous mercenaries.

Not only do you get the chance to help out Doc Quantum, but you also get to show those cowardly soldiers what true courage is... one boot to the face at a time.

  • Save Doc Quantum and crush those dishonorable Sky Raiders!

Doc Quantum's message contained the whereabouts of his location, which isn't too far from here. You're unsure of what resistance you'll encounter while you're finding him. Hopefully those pathetic excuses for soldiers will give you a lot of resistance... so you can return the favor.

Mission Objective(s)

You're positive this is the place that Doc Quantum showed you in his message. While looking for him, feel free to beat these spineless turncoats into submission. They deserve nothing less for deserting the people they swore to protect.

  • Rescue Doc Quantum from the Sky Raiders!
    • Find and defeat Colonel Duray
    • Defeat the Wolf Spider Infiltrator

Mission Accomplished


Notable NPCs


Thank goodness you arrived when you did, Character. These Sky Raiders are employing something within the locale that is suppressing my powers. Were it not for that, I would have been able to deal with their threat on my own. I am able to affect probabilities outside of the general vicinity, which is how I was able to send that message to you, but I am at a loss within the surrounding area.

  • What are you doing here?

There has been a recent spate of murders involving veterans from the Rikti Invasion which I have been investigating. The one common link between all of them was an incident in which their squad recently stumbled upon a secret Arachnos base hidden within Paragon City. I believe they found something there that day, and they're being silenced before they go public with what they witnessed.

  • Why isn't the military investigating this?

I, too, had that question. When I queried, I found all their records were classified. Upon further questioning, I was told that their case is closed. Ultimately, it appears as if the military is... Well, there's no other way to say it... They're turning their back on these veterans.

  • Where do the Sky Raiders come into this?

As I was tumbling through the possibilities of how this came about, I noticed a significant thumbprint, if you will, from the Sky Raiders. Considering their military origins and their current state of being lawless mercenaries, I believe it likely they're involved in the murders. It's quite possible they've been hired by Arachnos to do their dirty work.

Considering their reaction to my appearance, and them activating whatever device they have, I'm pretty certain I'm on the right track. However, I still can not come to a full conclusion until I speak with their leader and allow him to confess.

  • What can I do to help these murdered veterans?

Seeing as I am unable to affect probabilities within this local area, any assistance would be appreciated. I fear that I will be unable to fight for myself, so I will need you to do it for me. I can offer an advisor role throughout this however. If we can find the leader of the Sky Raiders, we can question him as to his involvement in both their murders, and any cover-up that is happening in regards to the deaths.

  • I'll be happy to give these dishonorable cowards what they have coming to them.

Thank you, Character. Let's find Colonel Duray together. I'm sure he'll be holed up in the back of this complex.

  • Let's do this.


Well, looks like you won, Character. What are you going to do now? Kill me? These are your orders, right? You do know those orders are from an Arachnos infiltrator. But a good soldier doesn't question orders, do they? You just follow them, even if it means killing the very same soldiers who defended the people you claim to fight for.

  • What are you talking about? I have no orders.

Then why are you and Doc Quantum here other than to do to us what was done to those Veterans? You're sick, you know that?

  • I'm here to pay you back for murdering those veterans.

What are you talking about?! We weren't behind the murders, we were trying to AVENGE them, you fool! The military turned their back on these soldiers, just like they did with us during the Rikti Invasion.

  • Why didn't you alert the military?

We tried to give them information we had about a Wolfspider that had infiltrated their ranks, but they ignored us because we're 'traitors'.

As a matter of fact, we nearly drew the Wolfspider infiltrator out into the open - BEFORE he murdered the vets. Except some goody-two-shoes hero captured them and put them on trial. The problem is, he was out on the street the next day due to a 'technicality'.

Because of people like that naive hero, murderers are able to walk among us without a care in the world.

  • Who was dumb enough to do that?

Why, your little friend Doc Quantum here. That's why we were prepared for someone like him to show up. Misguided fool.

  • Where's your proof, Colonel?

Well, I think the proof is right in front of us. Looks like you led him right to us, all because people like you don't have the courage to do the job right the first time!

  • What are you talking --

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Wolf Spider Infiltrator ambushes character on the last page of the dialogue.