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Mission:Tip - The Heeded Warning

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Rogue Isles
Available to Vigilantes
Level range 40–50
Choice Villain
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The Heeded Warning

Alignment Mission

You find a letter laid carefully on the mantle in what you believed to have been your safest of safe-houses. It reads:

Doctor Dokuro, I know you'll find out about it no matter what, so I'll beat you to the punch and make this quick. Tomorrow the Council will be having a march down the streets of Paragon City. They have gone through legal channels and are fully within their rights as citizens to have a peaceful march. Let me cut to the point - if you swoop in and disrupt their LEGAL march, I will personally arrest you for disturbing the peace. Thank you in advance for your understanding - Positron

He did not just threaten you. No... no, he couldn't have. That would be really stupid of him, wouldn't it? So would ignoring his threat, too. But that doesn't mean the Council wouldn't oh I don't know, accidently fire upon hundreds of innocent civilians. Then all those deaths would be on Positron's hands, wouldn't they?

Villain: See to it the Council's parade goes tragically wrong

So you're supposed to sit there with your thumb up your rear-end while the Council goes on a grand romp all throughout the city? And Positron thinks you're going to be fine with that? It looks like he's got another think coming. He didn't say anything about sabotaging the event from afar. Oh, no he didn't.

  • Sabotage the Council's parade

It shouldn't be too hard to find where the Council is staging their parade from. Slip in there and find something that can be re-wired, re-routed, or re-purposed... And set it for kill.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The Council ain't gonna sabotage their own parade, you know. Get to their parade staging area and get to work!

Mission Objective(s)

From the smell of flowers in the building, it appears as if they're also making floats. FLOATS! THE COUNCIL HAVING A PARADE WITH FLOATS!

Not on your watch, they won't.

  • Sabotage the Council's parade!
    • Find the Council Leader and extract information from him
    • Sabotage the Warcry robots from the Controller Console
    • Survive the Mark III onslaught!

You were able to deal with the early arrivals of the Mark III, but there are likely more heading this way. You might want to leave them as a surprise for Positron.


Badge villain council.png Council


No one tells you whose lives you're going to save and which evildoers need redeeming. And ABSOLUTELY NO ONE tells you who you're *NOT* going to, either.

Let this be a lesson to Positron. He's not the only good guy around here calling the shots. YOU ARE.