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Mission:Tip - Old Fashioned Detective Work

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Rogue Isles
Available to Vigilantes
Level range 30–39
Choice Villain
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Old Fashioned Detective Work

Alignment Mission

One of Longbow's top agents, Lance Hightower, has disappeared. Fortunately for him, you know a thing or two about good old detective work, and he was the last piece of the puzzle you needed to triangulate the location of the lair of the evil Nictus, Shadowphage.

The darkest shadows live under the earth.

At first, Shadowphage only targeted Arachnos, and powerful villains of the Rogue Isles, but now it has begun targeting Longbow Agents and good guys like you. Its agents are now infiltrating the streets of Paragon City, hunting down heroes and turning them into vessels for more insidious alien scum! Justice is no longer enough to punish this villain, only vengeance can repay the evil that Shadowphage has wrought upon your world. Shadowphage must die!

VILLAIN:Destroy Shadowphage once and for all!


Lance Hightower's disappearance has helped you pinpoint the location of the lair of the evil Nictus, Shadowphage. Shadowphage has been plaguing the Rogue Isles for some time, and its targeting of Arachnos and other big name villains was at first a boon, but then it started targeting Longbow and good guys like you. The real danger didn't become apparent until then, Shadowphage has been using the bodies of its victims as hosts for more of its kind. It plans to bring a Nictus army into this world in order to conquer us. Well not on your watch. There is only one cure for evil of this magnitude; death!

  • Shadowphage cannot be allowed to live!

You can only hope that Lance Hightower is still alive by the time you find your way into Shadowphage's subterranean lair. If he is, then he might just be tough enough to provide you with some much needed muscle against Shadowphage. That is, assuming he's in any condition to fight.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Shadowphage isn't going anywhere. Find Lance Hightower. If he's still alive maybe he can lend you a hand in taking down this alien menace!