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Mission:Tip - Loose Lips Sink Ships

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Paragon City
Available to Rogues
Level range 30–39
Choice Hero
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Loose Lips Sink Ships

Alignment Mission

You overhear some gossiping Tsoo...

You eavesdrop on some low ranking Tsoo thugs and find out that they've kidnapped the multi-billionaire Harold Vanderton's family, and local heroes have so far been incapable of locating their whereabouts. In desperation he has offered a substantial reward to anyone with information that leads to the return of his family.

Through your circle of street contacts you have a pretty good idea where to find these cash cows. You save the people and earn the big bucks, the only thing that stands in your way are the Tsoo.

HERO: Make the Tsoo pay, and the billionaire too.

Your contacts on the street are usually pretty reliable, they've learned not to pass you bad information. It sounds like the Tsoo are trying to make a major power play in order to fund their Rage production and flood Superadyne right off the streets as the thug drug of choice. If history is any indication, the first request for a ransom will be accompanied by a piece of the loved ones being held for ransom. You'd rather not see that happen, so best to collect the reward money on the down low now, that way the Tsoo don't get to cut a piece off of anyone.

  • Rescue the kidnapped family and claim the reward money

According to the info you got, the Tsoo have the family members locked up tight in one of their Rage production facilities; one of the countless warehouse complexes in Paragon City. Since the ransom demand hasn't been sent yet, you imagine they'll be pretty surprised to have you knocking and kicking down their front door.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The second the Tsoo send out their ransom demand every hero in the city is going to be on the Tsoo like stink on Dr. Vahzilok. Every moment you waste that reward money is less and less likely to be collected by you, and more and more likely to stay in some billionaire's bank account because of some hero's good sumaritan ideals.