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Mission:Tip - Disabled Shield Generator

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Paragon City
Available to Rogues
Level range 30–39
Choice Hero
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Disabled Shield Generator

Alignment Mission

You find a disabled shield generator that's been perforated with bullet holes.

You immediately recognize the drone as being the kind that the villain Hollow Point uses. This confirms the rumor that he has a secret hideout around here somewhere. According to gossip, he's holed himself up in an abandoned warehouse with some serious bleeding edge weaponry.

Hollow Point's weaponry is both incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands and might also be incredibly interesting to Longbow. You could turn a healthy profit by nabbing the tech and selling it to Longbow or some other hero organization.

HERO: Procure Hollow Point's weapon stash

After some investigation, you're pretty sure you've uncovered exactly where Hollow Point has been hiding out. Judging by the trail of bullet casings leading back to this warehouse he was being pursued by another force. That means there might be someone other than Hollow Point and his ex-council cronies inside.

  • Procure Hollow Point's weapon stash

There might be some competition for the advanced weaponry inside that warehouse. You'd better hurry before someone catches you in there. Afterall, as long as Hollow Point has those weapons Paragon and its heroes are in terrible danger.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Time is of the essence. It's best to get to the warehouse and procure those weapons before Hollow Point has a chance to use them.