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Mission:Tip - Crossing the Line

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Tip Mission
Type Morality
Place Paragon City
Available to Heroes, Vigilantes, and Rogues
Level range 30–39
Choice Hero
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Crossing the Line (30-39)

Hero Morality Mission

You find a copy of what appears to be a kill order put out by a high ranking Longbow official. Reading it you know you can't just sit back and let this happen.

As some of you know, Doc Quantum has been walking down a very disturbed path as of late. Kidnapping villains to put them through his sick tests of morality, holding gang members hostage for days on end to see just where their 'true purpose' lies.

We've let him get away with it, just because he wasn't causing too much trouble. But his latest act has gone too far.

Earlier today, Doc Quantum blew up a Longbow base outside of the Rogue Isles, his purpose being to eliminate a group of Malta prisoners we had.

Enough is enough! We've let this madman go unchecked for far too long. The coordinates to his base are below. I am issuing a kill order on Doc Quantum.

We aren't going to arrest him - we're going to put him down for the sake of all the men and women he's killed.

Longbow is out for Doc Quantum's blood. He's gone too far this time, that much is certain. But killing Quantum won't bring anyone justice.

Allowing Longbow to do this might just lead them down the same path that Doc Quantum is on - using vengeance as a form of justice just serves to blur the lines even more.

It's up to you to see that Longbow is stopped and that Doc Quantum is brought to justice - true justice.

  • Stop Longbow from killing Doc Quantum so he can stand trial for his crimes.

Rogues see:

WARNING: This is a Morality Mission. Completing this mission will change your current alignment of Rogue to Hero, removing any progress you may have made on any other alignment. Becoming a Hero means you will no longer be able to travel to the Rogue Isles. It will sever all ties with the Villain world.

Are you sure you want to do this?

  • Yes, I want to stop Longbow from killing Doc Quantum so he can stand trial for his crimes.


Longbow has every right to be angry at what Doc Quantum has done - but they're supposed to uphold the law, show people what true justice is.

Doc Quantum used to be like that, until he slipped from that path. Perhaps it started in a similar fashion, thinking the ends justify the means. But now...he is where he is.

You can't allow the men and women in Longbow to end up like that - but Doc Quantum also can't be allowed to get away with his crimes.

You'll have to get to Doc Quantum's hideout, stop Longbow, and then bring Doc Quantum to face his crimes - properly.

  • Stop Longbow from killing Doc Quantum so he'll be held accountable for his crimes.

You head off towards Doc Quantum's hideout. You've heard that he often puts villains through various mind games in there, sick and twisted puzzles to question where their morals lay. You'll have to be extra careful of any traps within.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Mission Objective(s)

As you enter you hear explosions going off. Sounds like Longbow beat you here and they're setting off a number of traps!

  • Bring Doc Quantum to true justice.
    • Use the computer to get Longbow to cease their attack!
    • Track down and defeat Doc Quantum!

You've taken down Doc Quantum, ending the mad game he is playing within this warehouse.


V badge Turrets.png Turrets

Notable NPCs


You leave the warehouse with Doc Quantum beside you. Some members of Longbow stand outside, their guns at their side, glaring at Quantum.

A PPD van pulls up with the Chief of Police in the passenger seat. He steps out, thanking you for your intervention in the matter, while the PPD put Doc Quantum into the back of the van.

After a quick handshake, the chief is back in the van, driving off.

Doc Quantum stares at you from the window in the back of the van - you can tell, despite everything, that this may just be the beginning of Quantum's plans. But you'll be there to stop him every step of the way.