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Mission:Tip - Cold Drinks and Hot Tunes

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Paragon City
Available to Heroes and Vigilantes
Level range 20–29
Choice Hero or Vigilante
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Cold Drinks and Hot Tunes

You find a flier for an underground party being held soon. You read it over and try to investigate to find out more information about this party.

Local toughguy and repeat offender, Frostfire, has been trying to increase his following as of late, ever since he was put down in front of the members of the Outcasts. This party seems to be one he is holding to try to garner some 'recruits' for his new gang - specifically from the Freakshow!

You investigate further to discover that he brings those who he sees potential in back to another warehouse, where he shows off various trophies he has collected from the heroes he has defeated. Usually this is enough to convince his new recruits that despite his previous defeat, Frostfire is still top dog around these parts.

Frostfire's next party will be happening tonight - this should be the perfect chance for you to go in there and take down Frostfire...again...this time in front of whoever he has invited there to join his new gang.

However, humiliating him in front of all those he's trying to impress may be more effective at stopping him than outright apprehending him. Instead of going straight to the party, you could storm his warehouse and destroy his trophies. When he brings his new recruits in there, they'll see that Frostfire can't even guard his own warehouse - bringing his 'street cred' down to that of some common thug.

Hero Acceptance


Frostfire has been a problem for Paragon City for a great while now. It was thought that he would fade away after his gang of Outcasts was broken up, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Now with him distastefully showing off trophies of defeated heroes, he may become a minor threat once again to the people of Paragon City.

However, it doesn't seem that he's gained any extra smarts since his last major defeat. By advertising to Freakshow, he's given you a perfect opportunity to catch not only him, but a whole handful of other menaces to Paragon City. Take this opportunity to clean the streets of unwanted trouble.

Round up Frostfire and his Freakshow friends!

The flyer not only gave the address to Freakshow, but to you as well. Find your way to the party location and give these guys a little bit of a surprise. Gather up all of these perpetrators and you can consider that your good deed for the day.

Mission Objective(s)

The party started without you, it seems. Gather up all of these unsavory types, even though it's doubtful they'll come peacefully.

  • Defeat Frostfire and his goons
    • Defeat Frostfire!
    • Watch for anyone else in the party!(optional)
      • Lead Doc Quantum to the exit!(optional)

You managed to apprehend Frostfire and his newfound friends


Notable NPCs


You stick around for the PPD to come by and arrest Frostfire - again. Frostfire glares at you as he's led away, mumbling that this isn't the last the city has seen of him.

Even if it isn't, you'll be there to put him down - again.

Vigilante Acceptance


Frostfire has been a problem for Paragon City for quite a while now. Previously involved in the Outcasts, the nuisance he's caused has been annoying to say the least. If he continues to attract more thugs to join him, he could become more than a pest. The best way to handle him would be to attack his reputation rather than him personally.

Since he's been bandying these trophies in front of everyone, the easiest way to cut him down to size would be to take his trophies away from him. And since they might have actually been taken from real heroes, you can deliver justice to him at the same time.

Humiliate Frostfire in front of everyone!

From the address on this flyer. Frostfire isn't really hiding his whereabouts. Head over to where he's holding his party and break every one of those trophies. You may likely have to deal with his Freakshow friends while you're there, but then again that's what they mean when they say 'two birds with one stone'.

Mission Objective(s)

Sounds like the party already started without you. Now's the perfect time to break those trophies!

  • Break Frostfire's Trophies!
    • 2 Trophies remain!

You destroyed Frostfire's trophies, humiliating him in front of his criminal friends.


Notable NPCs


You destroyed Frostfire's trophies and left a note, stating specifically it was you who did it.

You wait for some time afterwards to overhear him being laughed out of his own warehouse by the next group he went in to show around.

Frostfire will have an awfully hard time trying to recruit some more people to his cause now that he's the laughing stock of Paragon.