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Mission:Tip - Cherry Red Lipstick

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Rogue Isles
Available to Vigilantes
Level range 30–39
Choice Villain
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Cherry Red Lipstick

Alignment Mission

This plain looking stick of women's lipstick actually contains a hidden data recorder.

Review the secret data recorder's contents

You analyze the contents and cannot believe what you've discovered, in fact, you had to read the document over several times before you were sure of what you were reading. According to this data recorder, a member of the 5th Column, going by the codename of Nachtkrieg, is planning to defect back over to the Council. The defector's real name is Jonas Howe, but he has not given his true identity to the Council; insurance in case he is betrayed. If even half of what this data says is true, then Jonas Howe's defection could sway the balance of power in the favor of the Council. He must be stopped! Since Jonas's true identity is unknown to the Council it wouldn't be that difficult for you to take his place. From within you could weaken both the 5th Column and the Council, thus keeping the balance of power between them in check.

VILLAIN: The defector is my key to jumpstarting this little war.


Once you've taken out Jonas Howe, aka Nachtkrieg, you can convince the Council of your authenticy. Having infiltrated them you will have the opportunity to find and trigger the Council base's self destruct sequence, but it will need the base commander's code key. In the ensuing chaos you can escape, having destroyed a major Council base, but supplied the Council with 5th Column secrets.

  • Neutralize the defector Nachtkrieg and impersonate him

The hostilities between the two groups will certainly flare up in the aftermath of your little ruse. But perhaps the two groups will finally consign themselves to killing each other off rather than beat around the bush about it.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The only way you can get into that Council base is if you eliminate and impersonate the defector known as Nachtkrieg. You'd better hurry too, their meeting starts soon.