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Mission:Tip - Calling in a Favor

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Paragon City
Available to Heroes and Vigilantes
Level range 20–29
Choice Hero or Vigilante
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Calling in a Favor

You find a note written in chicken scratch. It takes you a few minutes of squinting and analyzing before you're able to actually make any sense of what it says...

'Johnny, we're calling in that favor you owe us. Big Mike is on trial, and we gotta get rid of some witnesses. We're grabbing 'em tonight and bringing them back to the... dump, and you gotta take out the trash this time. - Vinnie'

It looks like you've happened to come upon a villainous plan involving innocent jurors deciding the case involving the trial of Michael Carovignola, a small time lieutenant working for the Family. If this note is true, you may have a chance to stop the kidnappers before they manage to capture the people performing their civic duty!

Even if you stop the kidnapping, it's possible that 'Big Mike' might still go free if they've influenced the rest of the jury. Unless...someone were to go have a talk with Michael Carovignola and convince him that he might be safer in the Zig!

Hero Acceptance


Big Mike's trial is a big sensation in the city right now, and it would be a benefit to everyone if he was locked behind bars for a while. If he gets his hands on the jurors, it will surely be a mistrial.

These are innocent people performing their civic duty and don't deserve to be beaten down by the Family, just because they were chosen for jury duty!

Stop the kidnappers!

It seems the 'Johnny' the message was intended for left the address where he was supposed to meet the goons at. If you get there in time, you just might be able to arrest these goons before they leave to kidnap the jurors!

Mission Objective(s)

It looks like these guys are getting ready to leave. You got here just in time to arrest them!

  • Get to the goon's hideout and arrest them!
    • Defeat Goon Tommy, Defeat Goon Marcelo
      Defeat Goon Vinnie

You were able to apprehend the goons before they kidnapped the innocent jurors!

Icon clue generic.png
Crey and the Marcones
You found a cryptic note on one of the Family members....

We got big Marcone in now. Our friends at Crey were happy to have lunch. We might even have some dinner later - invite over a few friends, you know? It's always good to have more mutual friends over for dinner every night.


Badge villain family.png The Family

Notable NPCs

  • Goon Tommy
  • Goon Marcelo
  • Goon Vinnie


You were able to apprehend the goons before they kidnapped the innocent jurors.

You watch the trial as it proceeds the next day to see the jury give a guilty verdict to 'Big Mike', his face shocked.

It looks like he didn't get the news that you stepped in to seal his sentence.

Vigilante Acceptance


Big Mike is accused of quite a number of different crimes, kidnapping being one of them. If he's going to go so far as murder, he definitely needs to be put behind bars once and for all. However, his lawyers are even more slimy than he is. This could be a perfect opportunity to make sure he goes away forever.

These goons in the Family need someone to put some real fear into them, to make them want to go to the zig - to get away from people like you.

Find Big Mike and put some fear into him!

You use some of your connections to find out that the PPD are keeping Big Mike inside of one of their office buildings. You'll just walk in there, find Big Mike, and have a nice... chat with him.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You'll have to think of something that'll really terrify Big Mike.

Mission Objective(s)

The office is fairly quiet - the PPD is monitoring everything here closely, waiting for any possible attack from the Family.

  • Intimidate Big Mike!
    • Intimidate Big Mike!
    • Defeat Sergeant Mercado
    • Get out before police backup arrives

Although you've managed to scare Big Mike into forgoing the trial, you didn't expect the police response you got. You now need to get out before the cops throw YOU in the Zig!


Notable NPCs

  • Big Mike
  • Doctor Quantum
  • Sergeant Mercado
Badge question mark.png
Big Mike


Eh? Character huh?

So you here to help guard me too? I must be the man of the hour if they got some punk like you to come along, ha ha ha!

  • I'm not here to guard you, Mike.

Oh yeah? You here to serve me some food instead?

  • I'm here to send you a message. You know how that works, right?

Big Mike looks a little nervous, his mouth twitching.

H-hah...a message huh? From my boys in the Family?

  • No. From -me-.



You had to fight through the PPD to get out, but you got your message across to Big Mike - if he wants to be safe, he should stay in prison.

The next day you watch the trial, seeing some of the jurors bearing bruises from the Family goons.

Before it even begins, Big Mike declares himself guilty, pleading to be sent to the Zig.

All in a day's work.