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Mission:Tip - Brain Scan Diagnostics

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Paragon City
Available to Heroes and Vigilantes
Level range 20–29
Choice Hero or Vigilante
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Brain Scans Diagnostics

You find a diagnostics report involving brain scans whilst fighting crime. Something doesn't seem right about these brain scans though. You track down the hospital where this originated from and look through various reports...

One particular hospital report details a number of experiments that had been conducted on some of the more destitute citizens of the city - discovered when these people wandered into the hospital for treatment. The tests seem to have been in regards to creating an antidote for some type of mind-controlling substance.

You question some of the victims to discover that Arachnos is the one behind the kidnappings! They've been using the homeless of Paragon as test subjects for this new substance that they're creating. You discover two locations - where the homeless are being held captive, and where the main command center for this operation is.

Arachnos has gone too far this time, using the poor of Paragon City to fuel their experiments! There are most likely more homeless people being experimented upon at this very minute - the more time passes, the more Arachnos gains from these experiments. Those homeless people must be rescued!

But what of the command center? Sure, rescuing the homeless is a good deed, but it will allow the people behind the operation to get away. You have a chance to shut down Arachnos' operation here - at the price of some of the homeless within Paragon.

Hero Acceptance


This mind controlling substance could easily spread past the homeless and into the super powered beings in Paragon. The Isles already have enough supers who are at the beck and call of Arachnos - there's no need to have even more within Paragon! You'll have to get to that facility and save the homeless hostages that are there!

You head off towards the location of the facility, hidden beneath an office building within Paragon.

Save the homeless from Arachnos!

Mission Objective(s)

You walk into the Arachnos base to see there are some signs of battle here - did someone else show up before you?

  • 3 Homeless are being held captive

You were able to save the homeless of Paragon and put a stop to Arachnos' experiments, though the Arachnos commander behind it all is still out there, somewhere.


Notable NPCs


You were able to rescue the last of the homeless kidnapped by Arachnos. The PPD have increased their patrols around homeless shelters, swearing that something like this will not happen again.

But you know that somewhere the Arachnos operative that led this program is still out there, possibly planning his next move...

Vigilante Acceptance


While some may see it as cruel, you see it as necessary - in order to catch the Arachnos soldiers operating this experiment, you're going to have to let some of the homeless of Paragon suffer. If they don't, then this will all just happen again...and again...

You're not willing to allow that. You're going to be the person who does what it takes to take down Arachnos and this experiment.

Attack the main Arachnos compound!

Arachnos has made their main base close by in Paragon - lucky for you, very unlucky for them.

Mission Objective(s)

There's plenty of movement in this Arachnos base - it'll just make what you're about to do that much more enjoyable.

  • Take down the Arachnos Commander!
    • Defeat the Arachnos Commander!

You defeated the Arachnos Commander, thwarting the schemes of Arachnos within Paragon!!



The PPD arrive to take away the operatives you've taken care of, though it seems they found no signs of Arachnos at the other facility mentioned.

Arachnos may have gotten away with a few members of the homeless community in Paragon, but at least you were able to stop the main bulk of their operations within the city.