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Mission:Tip - An Unreturned Phone Call

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Rogue Isles
Available to Vigilantes
Level range 30–39
Choice Villain
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An Unreturned Phone Call

Alignment Mission

You hang up the phone in disgust. You've been keeping tabs on the operations of the Tsoo and the Freakshow in the Rogue Isles for a while now and you've noticed an unsettling trend; they seem to have stopped shooting at each other. As if that wasn't strange enough, then you heard that Steel Mountain, one of the Tsoo leaders, wanted to redeem himself. He's teamed up with Gung Ho Jim, and together they plan on taking the Freaks down.

Jim Matherson is an idiot and is walking into a trap. And worst of all, he isn't returning your calls.

You gave Steel Mountain the benefit of the doubt, at first, but decided it would be best to check with your sources. Now you have no doubt in your mind that Steel Mountain is going to betray Jim Matherson, and he simply doesn't want to hear it. The fool! You're going to have to intervene and take Steel Mountain down yourself, no matter who gets in your way.

VILLAIN:Prove Steel Mountain's evil intentions... by any means necessary.


Steel Mountain has convinced Jim Matherson to team up with him in order to take on the Freakshow. You know he is leading Jack into a trap. It is bad enough that old gung ho Jim is falling into it, but Jack decided to recruit Sidewinder and bring her along as well. It's up to you to take Steel Mountain down and expose him for the villain he was and still is. You don't have much time to intercept Jim and prove to him what Steel Mountain is planning. Jim is an idiot, especially for dragging Sidewinder into this mess.

  • Save Jim Matherson and Sidewinder from Steel Mountain's trap.

If you can find Jim before it's too late then he should listen to reason. You can only hope that he and Sidewinder didn't split up, otherwise it may be too late for the other.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Jim isn't answering his phone and doesn't want to hear the truth. The only way to get through to him is going to be in person, and that means finding him inside that Freakshow warehouse.