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{{TipChoice|align1=villain|choice1= Watch the Freakshow get what was coming to them!}}
{{TipChoice|align1=villain|choice1= Watch the Freakshow get what was coming to them!}}
===={{UL|VILLAIN:Watch the Freakshow get what was coming to them!}}====
===={{UL|VILLAIN: Watch the Freakshow get what was coming to them!}}====

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Rogue Isles
Available to Vigilantes
Level range 30–39
Choice Villain
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An Unlisted Number

Alignment Mission

Your phone rings with an unknown number, most likely from a telemarketer. When you answer the man on the other end is screaming!

Cannibal Clown? Cannibal Clown!? OH MAN! YOU HAVE TO HELP ME, DUDE! THEY'RE KILLING US! THE MACHINES! THEY'RE TAKING OVER THEIR BODIES! AUGH! OH GOD! It... It's in me! Not... much... time... Vandercreek... labs... hurry... before...*click*

The Vandercreek labs specialize in artificial intelligence research and advanced robotics. From the sound of it, the man who called you was one of the Freakshow. First off, how did they get your phone number, and second, why do they expect you to help them? You do admit, he sounded pretty scared, so the likelihood of it being an elaborate trap is low. On a hunch you call the labs and after a half dozen rings you get an automated message. Your curiosity is getting the better of you. If what the Freak said is true, then something down at Vandercreek Labs is killing Freakshow, and that in itself is reason enough to go have a look.

VILLAIN: Watch the Freakshow get what was coming to them!


As far as you are concerned, the Freakshow are getting what they deserve. You just want to make sure that whatever convinced them that it was worth a shot calling you for help doesn't get loose, or worse, fail to kill all the Freakshow.

  • I better make sure that whatever the Freaks unleashed doesn't get loose.

Unfortunately you are pretty sure it will be the former rather than the later. According to their website, Vandercreek Labs is working on combat A.I., and militarized robotics. Somehow that combination just sounds like a recipe for devastation.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The longer you wait the more likely whatever is inside Vandercreek Labs is going to finish off the Freakshow and move on. If it only targeted Freaks, that might not be so bad, but the only thing you know of that selectively hunts evildoers is you.