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Mission:Tip - An Intelligence Leak

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Rogue Isles
Available to Vigilantes
Level range 30–39
Choice Villain
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An Intelligence Leak

Alignment Mission

You'd been hearing the buzz for weeks on the net, but now you have proof that the rumors were true. You found an intelligence leak within Crey Biotech who checks out and learned from her that there is a piece of technology entering the final stage of testing that claims it will put an end to violent crime forever. The source says that a demonstration is being held at the private laboratory of Dr. Howard Gibson, and that the new technology is some sort of Super Chip that can give normal people super powers.

The road to hell is paved with the purest of intentions, and it looks like it's about to get a carpool lane!

This is how it always starts. Some brainiac gets some brilliant idea and never thinks it through with the mind of a mass murderer. All it would take is someone like Nemesis to get his hands on these things and the entire city would tear itself apart. You have no choice, this has to stop here and now. The amount of power these chips grant requires a great responsibility, and the world is already woefully irresponsible. Adding more power into the equation is just asking for carnage. Only people like you are responsible enough to be entrusted with such power. It's time you reminded people of that truth.

VILLAIN:Destroy the Super Chip technology before it goes into production.


Dr. Gibson's new Super Chip is designed to turn ordinary peace officers into super powered crime fighters. A quaint idea, but you know that in about 3 seconds flat someone like Nemesis will get his hands on it and turn it against us. You must ensure that never happens, and the only way to be certain is to make sure the technology is destroyed. All it will take is a small demonstration of the poetential villainy that could be done with these chips, and the planned demonstration of the chip to a group of prospective investors will be the perfect opportunity.

  • Show the world that mass produced super powers are dangerous!

If I can gain control of the subject through the network then I can have him attack the investors. Nobody in their right mind would support such a project with such an obvious flaw. Of course, then I need to disarm the situation and demonstrate how worthless the chips are by putting the test subject down. Dr. Gibson and his investors need to be reminded that what makes super powers is the people wielding them. You can't mass produce power without also mass producing responsibility, and the world is already in dire need of the latter without the addition of the former.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The facility is woefully undefended. It won't take you, or anyone else for that matter, very long to enter the facility and gain control of the command/control computer. This sort of carelessness is exactly why you need to stop the production of this chip and others like it. Such power cannot be allowed to be seized and used for evil.