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Mission:Tip - A Strange Mystical Trinket

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Rogue Isles
Available to Vigilantes
Level range 30–39
Choice Villain
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A Strange Mystical Trinket

Alignment Mission

You discover a strange mystical trinket that looks dangerous and fascinating at the same time.

Examine the trinket, something about it is familiar.

This bizarre mystical trinket looks like a cross between a brooch and an offering plate. It is made of unique and unidentifiable materials, crafted in an unfamiliar style and covered with strange symbols. In fact, it is so unique that you've only seen one thing similar to this design... the signature artifact of Kel'Morgath, a powerful wizard of the Circle of Thorns! If Kel'Morgath is without his artifact then he will be weakened. If this is a copy then perhaps you can match or counter his power and strike against him! Either way you will need to move quickly and discover Kel'Morgath's lair within the mysterious city of Oranbega before he can rectify this chink in his defenses.

VILLAIN:Strike against Kel'Morgath while he's weak!


Your investigation of the strange magical trinket suggests that it transmits the inherent magical energy from one individual to another. Kel'Morgath is using these types of artifacts to steal the power of others, that's why he is so powerful! If he were to get his hands on someone truly powerful, who knows how destructive that could be. There is no choice left, Kel'Morgath must be stopped no matter the cost!

  • Stop Kel'Morgath

Kel'Morgath's lair is located within the labyrinthine depths of Oranbega, the city of the Circle of Thorns. The trinket you discovered should enable you to navigate its depths and infiltrate into Kel'Morgath's inner sanctum. Once inside your only chance to defeat Kel'Morgath is to use the power of his trinket against him.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Who knows how many of these trinkets Kel'Morgath has and how many victims he is draining to empower himself. You must strike against Kel'Morgath now, or there may not be another chance.