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Mission:Tip - A Logical Deduction

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Paragon City
Available to Heroes and Vigilantes
Level range 20–29
Choice Hero or Vigilante
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A Logical Deduction

You have a sudden epiphany. One thing that hasn't made sense suddenly comes together, pieces of a puzzle falling into place! You think it over, slowly, putting it all together...

For the past several months there has been an increased number of Superadine busts in parts of the city that the Family is not known for doing business in. Most of the investigations that have been leading back to the Family have concluded in dead ends due to lack of evidence.

Also, for the past few months, the presence of the 5th Column has been increasing more and more in the streets...

That's it! The 5th Column! They've been the ones behind this new drug trade. It all makes sense now. They lure in gang members with the Superadine. Then they take any potential recruits from all the gangsters they have addicted to 'dine, while the Family ends up taking the fall, unbeknownst to them. It all makes sense now! You do some investigating and discover two locations - one is the main lab where they're making the substance, and the other is where they're training their new recruits.

A find like this is huge - it explains why the PPD have been constantly finding dead ends within their investigations. Now that you've discovered the location, you'll have to move fast - striking at either of these two places will alert the other. The more dangerous to the people of Paragon is the training grounds - if they're allowed to escape, it would mean more soldiers on the street, threatening the people!

Though, who cares if some more civilians are attacked by the 5th Column? That drug den needs to be dealt with - and in a very...explosive manner. It'll make the 5th Column think twice about getting involved in the drug trade.

Hero Acceptance


Superadine has been running rampant through the streets of Paragon City for several years now, causing many lives to be ruined. It's been bad enough that the Family has been behind this problem, but if the 5th Column is now joining the illegal trade, Superadine can likely become an epidemic.

What's worse is that those addicted to their brand of the drug will have no choice but to join the 5th Column - or lose the source of their precious addiction.

For the safety of Paragon, someone needs to go stop the 5th Column from recruiting any more people into their army!

  • Attack the 5th Column training camp!

Mission Acceptance

Judging by the information you have on the location of the training camp, it sounds like it might by heavily guarded. It won't do to just defeat the goons, but rather to arrest the leaders behind this endeavor. Arrest each one of the leaders and the police force will take care of the rest of the culprits. Hopefully your actions will help save the lives of people addicted to this evil drug.

Unnecessary Solicitation

+++ Missing Information +++

Mission Objective(s)

Find the leaders and arrest them. Then let the Judge throw the book at them.

  • Attack the 5th Column Training Camp!
    • Defeat Heinz, Defeat Retzholm, Defeat Rotter

You were able to apprehend the 5th Column soldiers who were the heads of this training camp!


Notable NPCs

  • Oberst Heinz
  • Oberst Retzholm
  • Oberst Rotter


You took down the 5th Column training camp, leading out the soldiers that were running it.

To your surprise, members of the Skulls remained outside the warehouse, willing to testify against the 5th Column in order to fully implicate them in the drug deals.

Vigilante Acceptance


Superadine has caused so much crime in Paragon City, the drug itself is almost a bigger threat than even Lord Recluse himself. Because the 5th Column has been adding to the existing supply of the drug on the streets, they need to be made a lesson of to the Family and anyone else who would wish to spread this poison to others. Instead of letting the legal system banter back and forth over what happens to the lab and its operators, you have a better idea.

With the help of several homemade high-grade explosives, you can blow the entire drug lab to smithereens... including everyone inside who is responsible for so many ruined lives.

  • Blow the place sky high!

Mission Acceptance

You've managed to get your hands on a number of high-grade explosives and have saved them for an occasion just like this. Walk into that drug lab and set these bombs in places where they'll cause the most structural damage. Along the way, if you have to take down members of the military group, then do so. They deserve everything they get.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You can only imagine how big this explosion will be once the charges go off!

Mission Objective(s)

Before entering the warehouse, you let a toxic gas slip into the air vents. It'll weaken most of the 5th Column within here - making it that much easier to deal with them.

  • Plant the explosives in order to destroy the drug lab
    • 3 Explosives remaining

The charges are set to go - time to get out of here and blow this place into a pile of ash!


Icon clue generic.png
Rebuilding Tin Mage
You found a file on a 5th Column computer labeled, 'Tin Mage Redux'.

It details a plan to try to find the blueprints of Tin Mage, a member of the Omega Team, in order to rebuild it to make the robot serve the 'glory of the 5th Column'.

Luckily, the 5th Column have been unable to locate any information regarding the robot's blueprints.


You get far away enough from the warehouse and hit the detonator - it explodes in a plume of fire, sending out a small shockwave.

Some cars swerve, crashing into each other, creating massive traffic jams and more than one pileup.

A price the people of Paragon will have to pay to help make their streets clean.