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The New Digs


Looks like we're in the big leagues now, Character. With you landing us this gig as Manticore's little goon squad we might actually get our chance up at bat. No more sitting on bench and patrolling back alleys and rooftops for the usual rabble, you know?

However, if we're gonna hit a homerun, we've gotta make sure our bases are loaded, right?

Okay, I'm so totally over these baseball metaphors. Are you ready to get down to business?

  • Sounds good. What do you have in mind?

We're official now, but we're still not ready for prime time. I'm the only one of us who has any formal training in this kinda thing - hmmm... well, maybe Grym has some from those trials he went through.

And Proton was the savior of the timeline he comes from... and I have no idea what Dillo's people taught him... okay, so I guess I'm just talking about Flambeaux here. But, hey, that's not the point. Why don't I just cut to the chase. Proton is working on his ongoing research, but I think he might have some time to help you out with some of your enhancements. Why don't you stop by our new place and see if he can give you a hand. It would do a lot for him to get away from those screens for a bit, too.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Last time I checked, Proton is still working on all of his studies, Character. You really should stop by our new place and check out what he's up to.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: TECH_30_LAYOUT_01_03

The new place is looking much better than Proton's old lab. He should be somewhere in the lab tinkering away on all things new and exciting.

  • Get Proton to help you!
    • Use the Security Intercom Terminal
    • Defeat the Skull Welcoming Committee
    • 3 String Relay Transmitters remaining
    • Intercept the Skull gang leader
    • Interrogate the Head Skull

You've helped Proton with his data analysis and wound up discovering a way to prevent the Shivans from causing more damage.

Contact Small Security Intercom.jpg
Security Intercom


Proton's image appears on the monitor, a look of concern etched deeply on his face as he works furiously at various knobs and dials.

Now you're tampering with the security system as well? Breaking and entering is still considered illegal even in this time, ruffians. Once my tests are done I shall personally deal -

Proton looks away from his instruments and focuses his sight on the monitor.

Oh, Character, it's you! You showed up just in time!

  • What's going on here, Proton?

It seems we have some uninvited guests who appear to have been rather curious as to who their new neighbors were. Were it not for the fact that I am in the middle of some very important tests at this very moment, I would deal with them immediately. If you would be so kind as to escort our unwelcome visitors from -

Proton quickly looks up towards a gauge out of sight of the display.

They've interrupted the algorithm with their tampering! Okay... Plan B.

I'm going to need you to bring down the relays entirely. In other words, I'll need you to destroy them. Once they're destroyed, they'll send one final string sequence that I can recombine into usable data. Unfortunately, this also means that we've got only one chance so we've got to do this fast.

  • Okay! What do you need me to do?

The string relays are sturdy, but your attacks should be sufficient to destroy them. Give me a moment...

There. I've hooked into the spectrum monitors to analyze your destructive potential. Hmm... Character, have you been using Enhancements to boost your abilities?

  • Of course! What Hero worth his salt doesn't?
+++ Missing Information +++
  • Umm, actually... I haven't really gotten around to it.
Proton sighs, and shakes his head.
I realize that you've been busy, Character, but you really should take some time to check your Enhancements and make sure they're up-to-date. It may not seem to matter now, but as you get stronger, Enhancements will become increasingly more important. Why, some of the more experienced heroes I've met have managed to double the effectiveness of their powers with only a few choice Enhancements! If you don't keep yours up-to-date, you may find your abilities lack the impact that you want them to.
Regardless, it looks like your attacks, even unenhanced, are strong enough to destroy the string relays. If you don't mind...?
  • Right. I'm on it.
Oh! And one last thing. This should go without saying, but if you encounter any of these Skull hooligans while you're working on the relays, please remove them from the base. They've cause enough havoc as it is-
Proton glances over at another screen, then turns back to you.
In fact, one of them appears to be approaching your location now. He might be a good start.
  • Consider it already taken care of.

Icon clue generic.png
Enhancements are items that will improve the effects of your character's powers. You can make your attacks more accurate, your heals more powerful, or even make your powers recharge faster. How you choose to Enhance your powers is up to you, but make sure you keep your Enhancements up-to-date.

Each Enhancement has a Level associated with it. Characters can equip Enhancements that are up to three levels above them, or down to two levels below them. Enhancements that are beyond this range will not have any effect on your character. This means that as your character levels up, you will need to update your Enhancements to keep your powers top-notch.

You can increase the level of your Enhancements in two ways: You can equip new, higher-level Enhancements that drop off of enemies or are bought at a Store, or you can combine Enhancements. If two Enhancements of the same type and similar level are combined, they will increase in level! Experiment with different Enhancements to see what improvements you want out of your powers, and make sure to keep them up-to-date. You won't regret it!

Contact Small Head Skull Burglar.jpg
Head Skull Burglar


I give up, okay?! Look, I'll tell you everything!

  • What do you know about the Shivans? Talk!

The Skull looks at you, confused.

The what? I don't know what you're talking about, man. We're just here to grab some of your electronics and sell them off to those Freakshow guys!

  • So! The Freakshow is behind this?

Behind what?! We were casing your joint when you were movin' in and saw all those machines, man. Ain't nothing more than... wait... oh... yeeeeahhh... 'behind it'...

The Skull gang member's face gets very sly, as if he's trying to pull one over on you.

Those Freakshows were totally behind this, man. They brainwashed us into doing this. We were all like, 'No, we're law-abiding citizens' and then they, uh, used a mind control device on us and made us break into the place.

  • Really now. They mindcontrolled you, did they?

The Skull looks up and around as Proton speaks over the intercom, his face becoming more worried looking.

  • You heard the man. Off to jail with you.

No, I can't go back, man! I'm still on parole!

  • Close


Badge villain skulls.png Skulls

Notable NPCs

  • Skull Welcoming Committee (Skulls Boss)
  • Head Skull Burglar (Skulls Boss)


Proton just sent me word about how you were there just in time to help him. I'm going to need to find out how those Skulls knew when exactly to break into the place. I'm pretty sure that won't happen again, but it's best if I made absolutely certain we don't ever have a repeat of today.