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Mission:Last Rites - Part Three: More Important Things

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Part Three: More Important Things


The first order of business is to make sure that the urn is safe! I'm sure they're after it again, and I-

  • Graham, I don't think they were after the urn.

Graham blinks at you, confused.

They weren't? But... why would they... OF COURSE! They're after YOU! I should have known better than to invite a Hero to the opening ceremony of my exhibit. Well, I certainly hope you're planning on paying for the damages those hooligans caused in my museum! Why, the amount of work it will take to...

Graham is still ranting, but he doesn't seem to be saying anything worth your attention. You're fairly certain that the Tsoo are after you for some reason, and that it's connected to the urn somehow.

It might be a good idea to investigate the warehouse where they were originally storing the Xiong Hnub So, to get an idea of who has put a contract on your head.

Investigate the Tsoo Warehouse

Unnecessary Solicitation

Please, leave me be. I need to try to salvage my exhibit, and I certainly don't need any more of your 'help'.

Mission Objective(s)


This place appears to have been abandoned, which is no real surprise. The Tsoo are smart enough to know when a hideout has been compromised.

  • Investigate the Tsoo Warehouse
    • Search the warehouse for clues

Escape the warehouse! The origin of your death warrant has a name: Sun Xiong. Now, you just need to find him.


Badge villain tsoo.png Tsoo

Contact Small Unemptied Trash Can.jpg
Unemptied Trash Can


The Tsoo were clearly in a hurry when they cleared out of this warehouse, but you haven't come across any information that might help you learn who has put a price on your head.

You happen across a trash can, which appears to have been left unemptied. You don't know if it will hold anything useful, but it might be worth investigating...

  • (Empty the bin and examine its contents)

No one ever told you that being a Hero would be glamorous...

You empty the contents of the trash can onto the floor, searching for anything that might contain useful information. A worn ledger catches your eye, and you pick it up.

Inside, it contains a detailed listing of the comings and goings of the warehouse. Illicit goods were brought here for storage until a buyer was found, then shipped off to various secondary locations.

You find the listing for the Xiong Hnub So, but it doesn't seem to have a listed buyer. Strangely, it doesn't even seem to be a part of the Tsoo's normal business prospects; it appears they never had any intention to sell the urn.

  • (Try to find the name of the owner of the warehouse)

Near the front of the ledger, it lists a 'Master Sun Xiong' as both the owner of the warehouse and the manager of its affairs.

According to the ledger, Sun Xiong has far more holdings than this single warehouse, including a mansion located on the outskirts of Paragon City. It appears you have found a lead.

Just as you pocket the ledger and prepare to leave, you hear the sound of motion behind you!

  • (Defend yourself!)
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Upon completion of the clues, multiple waves of Tsoo will attack, and will spawn throughout the warehouse along the route to the exit.

Before Combat:

Tsoo: Find him / her! He / She cannot escape!

Before Combat:

Tsoo: Your time has come, Character! Die!

Infiltrate Sun Xiong's Estate

Unnecessary Solicitation

Please, leave me be. I need to try to salvage my exhibit.

Mission Objective(s)


You can hear the raucous sounds of shouting and cheering nearby. It's strange, for a building this refined.

  • Infiltrate Sun Xiong's Estate
    • Approach the dueling room
    • Confront Sun Xiong
    • Defeat Thunder Leopard
    • Defeat Iron Crane
    • Defeat Silver Serpent
    • Defeat Flowing Dragon
    • Defeat Sun Xiong
    • Speak with Sun Xiong

You have defeated Sun Xiong, and cleared the contract on your life.


Badge villain tsoo.png Tsoo

Notable NPCs


I am beaten and shamed in front of my own students. Finish me, and the contract on your life will end.

Sun Xiong looks up at you expectantly.

What are you waiting for, fool? Do not draw out my dishonor! Kill me!

  • If that is your wish. [Kill Sun Xiong]
You deal Sun Xiong a swift, fatal blow. As Sun Xiong draws his final breath, the surrounding Tsoo do not seem like they will intervene.
It appears as though you have simply followed the Tsoo's philosophy: the strong prosper, and the weak perish.
  • Leave

File:Badge i22 mission sc deadlycombatant.png Deadly Combatant

Sun Xiong learned what it meant to face you in combat. It is not a lesson he will recover from.

  • I... cannot. Stand, warrior. [Spare Sun Xiong]
Sun Xiong glares at you, but struggles to his feet. He does not move for his weapon.
He stares at you for one long moment, as if unsure whether to be grateful or disgusted. Eventually, he bows to you slightly.
  • Leave
Sun Xiong: Very well, Character. A life for a life.
Sun Xiong: I shall rescind the contract on your head. Go with honor.
File:Badge i22 mission sc dignifiedcombatant.png Dignified Combatant

You spared Sun Xiong, despite his attempts to have you killed, and have gained his grudging respect.

Speak with Graham Easton

Unnecessary Solicitation

Graham doesn't appear to be answering his phone. It appears you'll have to track him down and speak with him personally.


Graham yelps as you approach. Even after recognizing you, he still appears to be wary.

Character! W-what do you want? Look, I appreciate what you've done for me, but...

Graham looks around nervously.

...but I really can't afford another Tsoo attack on my property. I'm sure you understand.

  • Excuse me? They only attacked me because of YOUR exhibit!
Graham cringes away from you, throwing up his hands defensively.
It's not my FAULT! I just wanted to open an art museum, and this... this unenlightened criminal excuse for a city keeps causing me no end of grief! I was just trying to add a little culture to this place!
Honestly, sometimes I wonder if it's even possible. Paragonians are just too... brutish.
  • I can't believe I'm hearing this. Goodbye, Graham.
  • Graham... did you know that the Xiong Hnub So is tied to the Tsoo's ancestral line?
Graham's face pales, and he shrinks away from you.
N-n-now let's not jump to conclusions, I mean... one family shouldn't have a monopoly on fine art, you see. The public deserves a chance to...
As you continue to stare him down, Graham trails off.
Now look... I understand this may seem callous, but I have legal ownership of the piece. Whatever claims the Xiong family is making, they can't...
  • You're despicable, Graham. Don't call on me again.
  • I understand. Just... be careful what you show in your exhibits.
  • .*Sigh* Of course. Just wanted to inform you that the Tsoo won't be bothering you anymore.
Graham smiles weakly, and begins wringing his hands.
Oh... that's good news, I suppose. Yes, it is. Well, thank you, Scrawl, for all of the trouble you've gone through.
Now, if you wouldn't mind leaving...?
  • Nothing would make me happier, Graham. Goodbye.

TheTowerFortune.png Boon of the Ancestor Spirits Self, +DEF(All), +DMG(All)
When confronting Sun Xiong, you chose to kill him, acquiring a boon from the Ancestor Spirits as recognition of your superior combat prowess. For these actions, you have earned the right to ask the Ancestor Spirits for a powerful boon, which will increase both your damage output and your defense against attacks for a short time. You must be combat level 15 and above to use the boon.
TheTowerFortune.png Summon: Tsoo Sorcerer Summon: Tsoo Sorcerer
When confronting Sun Xiong, you chose to spare him, gaining both his gratitude and his respect. For these actions, you have earned the right to call upon a Tsoo Sorcerer to assist you in battle. This summoning can only be completed five times, and the Sorcerer will only assist you for three minutes. You must be combat level 15 and above to be able to use this summon, and if you drop below this level, a summoned Sorcerer will depart.