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Mission:Heather Townshend - Remnants of the Past

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Remnants of the Past


After finishing everything with Character, Heather Townshend was left with a problem. She had come back to Dark Astoria, hoping to make amends with her past. It haunted Heather, all of this time, knowing that she survived while others didn't. During the initial attack in Dark Astoria, Heather Townshend directed people to a warehouse in Astoria, believing that they could properly protect themselves from the Pantheon until help arrived.

Heather's architectural knowledge of the city assured her that this was the best place to go; the warehouse was sturdy enough to survive an attack by the Pantheon and had only one entrance. Heather, herself, was unable to get to the warehouse, as she was separated from the main group. She eventually made her way to the warehouse and watched in horror from the outside as the zombies and shamans of the Pantheon broke through.

Heather ran, the screams of the civilians haunting her dreams since that day. Now, she intends to go to that warehouse, believing that it's time for her to confront her past once and for all.

This is a non-combat, personal story mission. In this mission, you will assume the role of your contact. This is a solo mission.

  • (Play Heather Townshend's Personal Story)

Mission Acceptance

Heather Townshend would always remember where that warehouse was. She knew if she moved fast enough that she could make it; after all, the Knives of Vengeance and Mot had bigger fish to fry in the form of Character, who was no doubt becoming a large thorn in their sides.

Mission Objective(s)


The warehouse is abandoned, but clean of the slaughter that once happened here. Some villainous group or even survivors must have used this place since the events of the past.

  • Heather Townshend's Personal Story (Solo Mission)
    • Search for signs of the previous survivors in the front of the warehouse.
    • Look for the source of the footsteps

Heather Townshend has agreed to help Ajax and the unknown person he works for.

After searching the first crate

After searching the second crate

After reaching the last room in the warehouse


Hey, you're Heather Townshend, right? The architect who survived Dark Astoria. The name's Ajax, I'm here with an offer for you.

  • How did you find me?

Well, it was easy. I knew what you looked like and saw you running into this warehouse.

The guy that I worked for took care of some monsters that were trying to follow you. How else did you think a civvie like you woulda made it to a place like this?

Anyway, you want to hear this offer or not?

  • ... What is it?

Things are bad here in Astoria, there's no doubt about that. The guy that I work for, he wants your help in solving things.

You know the architecture here in Astoria, right? He believes that there's something beneath all of it, some powerful runes that a guy named David Hazen put down.

The boss wants to ask that you, me, and some other guy investigate these runes and also the information about David Hazen. He thinks that Character will be able to use this information to stop Mot in Dark Astoria.

Heather Townshend paused in a moment and thought over the proposal. She came to this warehouse looking for a way to somehow make peace with the ghosts of the past. They were all long gone, however. She realized that perhaps this is what she was meant to do, this is why she survived. Her knowledge of Astoria and its architecture was somehow very useful to this man, Ajax, and whoever he works for. It was possible that, even without super powers, she could help save Astoria and achieve some sort of atonement for her past.

  • Okay, I'm in.

Perfect. Stay in the runes until the time is right. I need to work on getting this other guy into Dark Astoria.

Just as a warning, he's a real pain, but the boss seems to think that he's got potential to help us out, as long as there's some sorta incentive.

I'll contact you again when the time is right.

  • Okay.

File:Mission DA PersonalArc Complete.png Architect Writer

You played through Heather Townshend's personal story, witnessing the event where she joined the Letter Writer's team.