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Mission:Experts in the Field (Hero) - Part Four: High in Demand

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Part Four: High in Demand


I contacted the Oxford administrative staff, and they told me that Dr. Harvan's working an expedition off the coast of Albania. I've set up transportation to get you there, but I'm afraid this might not be as simple as we'd hoped. We've got a problem.

  • And that is...?

The lady I talked to at Oxford also mentioned that we weren't the only ones looking for info on Dr. Harvan. Others have been asking questions, and they discovered an intrusion into the administration's database sometime yesterday.

Suffice it to say, I don't think we're going to be the only ones looking for Dr. Harvan. I think you're going to need to hurry.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Character, I'm not a Hero, so I'm not going to try to tell you how to do your job. I just want to impart the urgency of this situation: James Harvan may be the only person who can help us find Pandora's Box, and we're not the only ones looking for him.

Mission Objective(s)


Here's hoping you were the first person to find this place.

  • Track Down James Harvan
    • Locate Harvan
    • Talk to the Student
    • Rescue Harvan
    • Talk to Harvan
    • Lead Harvan to Safety
    • Defeat Arachnos
    • Speak with Positron

You defeated Arachnos, and escaped with Harvan unharmed.


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs:

Contact Small Anxious Student.jpg
Anxious Student


Fear and hope flash across the student's face as he tries to gauge whether or not you are a threat. He's clearly not in a stable state of mind.

W-what's going on here? What did that woman want with Professor Harvan?

This is too freaky. Did you see those guys? Who dresses like that?

  • Get out more, kid. You've never heard of Arachnos?
The student's eyes widen in fear and recognition.
Wait... that wasn't... You mean those guys were Arachnos? Oh, man... oh man! I need to get out of here! This is not good!
Arachnos is, like, seriously dangerous! We can't be here! We'll die!
  • I can handle them, kid. Just tell me where Dr. Harvan is.
The student seems to calm down a bit, reacting instinctively to your confidence.
Yeah... uh, yeah, Professor Harvan. He's in the deepest section of the cave, he was... he was trying to map out the cavern structure so we could start excavating soon...
The student fidgets nervously in front of you.
Can... can I go now? I'd like to, um, leave.
  • Yeah, go on. Thanks for your help.
  • Calm down. I need you to tell me where Dr. Harvan is.
The student recognizes you as a Hero, and appears visibly relieved.
I... I think I've seen you on TV before. Character, right?
Professor Harvan's deeper in the cavern. He wanted to map out the cavern so that we could start excavating...
That woman wasn't the only one after him. She had more people with her. Please, you have to help the Professor!
  • I'm on it. Get to a safe place.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! You are ambushed by one wave of Arachnos
Tarantula Mistress: The target has been compromised. Destroy Character!


Doctor Harvan appears to be somewhat flustered, but otherwise unharmed. Arachnos probably wanted him for the same reason you do.

Now see here, young man / lady! I demand to know what is going on here! We are on a licensed expedition, and if you people think you can intimidate us into-

  • Doctor, Arachnos is looking for you. I'm here to help.
Harvan's look of indignation turns to momentary doubt.
Did you say... Arachnos? Oh, dear. I suppose I should have seen this coming.
If they're here for me, then they must be searching for Pandora's Box. You see, I happen to be the foremost researcher in the field of-
  • I know, Doctor. I need to get you out of here.
Oh, oh yes, of course. I'll follow you out.
Do be careful, young man / lady. I've heard Arachnos can be quite dangerous.
  • Yes, uh... thank you for the warning.
  • Doctor, you need to come with me.
Harvan puffs up with indignation.
Uncultured brute! I will not submit to your ham-handed attempts at intimidation! I demand to know the name of your employer!
  • I'm a licensed Hero, and this area is compromised. This isn't a request.
Harvan stares at you for a moment, still defiant. A moment later, you see a flicker of doubt, then fear... and Harvan lets out a loud sigh.
Very well. Lead the way, I suppose.
  • Good. Follow me.


Hello again, Character. I hope you didn't mind the interruption. Mr. Nash let me know where you were headed, and we detected some heavy Arachnos activity shortly after you left.

It seems clear to me, given the resources they've devoted here, that Arachnos views Pandora's Box as a high value target. I'm mobilizing the Phalanx to react accordingly; any time Arachnos rears its head, I intend to be out in force to stop them.

For now, though, I'm simply glad that you managed to extract Dr. Harvan safely. I believe he is prepared to work with us towards a common goal of locating the Box. We've discussed the... ramifications of Recluse reaching the artifact first, and I believe we've come to an understanding.

  • I'm glad to hear it.


Harvan beams at you.

I must say, I did not expect my savior to be so well-associated with the Freedom Phalanx.

I'll say to you what I said to Positron, Character. If you have the resources available to enable my research, and you can vouch for my safety, then you'll have my utmost cooperation.

This may be the best chance I have of completing my life's work. To see the legendary Pandora's Box with my own eyes... why, I can hardly wait to get started! Hah!

  • Glad to have you on board.

I'll make sure Dr. Harvan has the appropriate accommodations. Arachnos apparently has the same information on his career that we do, so it would be safest to keep him inside Fort Trident for now. I'll forward any pertinent information we obtain to Tony, for you to follow up on.

Good work out there, Character. To be brutally honest, I'm not sure the Phalanx is capable of handling this kind of crisis on its own. I'm glad we have you on the case.

  • All part of the job, right?