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Mission:A New Dimension, A New Team - Finale: Formation

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Finale: Formation

Mission Briefing

We have our team, Character. Praetor White has been released under my care, though he prefers to be called his old name now: Marauder. He and I will be acting as the tacticians for the team. You, Pendragon, Riptide, Grant, and Aurora will act as our heroes on the ground, while Alec Parson will provide technical support.

We're going to have our first official group meeting in our base, located within Brickstown. I should warn you, however, the base is somewhat... lackluster.

  • Lackluster? Why is that?

We're still not fully trusted by the authorities here, Character. They have us on a very short leash. There's fear that there may somehow be a part of Mother Mayhem still in Aurora's mind. Then there's Marauder's past, not to mention Grant and Riptide's status as members of the IDF. The only people who are really trusted are you, Pendragon, and Parson.

For these reasons, we've been given a very... small base of operations to begin. It'll be enough, however. We'll all meet there to go over what our next move is.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Provost Marchand's line is silent.

Mission Objective(s)


Provost Marchand wasn't kidding. This can hardly even be called a base!

  • Meet the New Praetorians
    • Speak with Provost Marchand

There has been a major breakout from the Zig!


Good of you to make it, Character. You're the heart of this group, for now, until we can get ourselves up to speed. The others would like to say something to you.

  • (Listen)


You put up a good fight in Lambda, Character, I'll give ya that. Maybe you and me will spar again, if I ever get my powers back.

Things are gonna be different from here on out. We ain't got big bad Marcus pulling our leashes. We're gonna show Primal Earth that there's a new batch of Top Dogs in town!

  • (Continue)


What happened during the attack on Talos was unfortunate, Character. I was told that what was done had to be done to save Praetoria. However... that does not pardon what happened. I fight now with the memories of that day in my mind.

I'm going to show Primal Earth that Praetoria had good people serving under Cole. I always wanted to do what was right, what was just. Now, I'm finally getting my chance to do that.

  • (Continue)

Contact Small Aurora Pena.jpg
Aurora Pena


Now that I have my own body back, you can bet that I won't rest until I've made up for the sins of Mother Mayhem. That may mean that I never rest... but if that's the case, then so be it. I was trapped in my own body for long enough. It's time that I take action against those who would seek to use the world for their own agenda!

  • (Continue)


It's good to be here in Primal Earth, Character. I loved Imperial City, but I knew things there wouldn't last very long. You'll be happy to know that IVy is under Vanguard care now. They asked for her after she was reprogrammed to help you in Imperial City.

I've got a few things that I'd like to try while being part of the New Praetorians, Character. You should see some of the efforts of my technology in action soon; one of them is what I call the RDC. Rapid Deployment Clockwork. Don't worry, you'll see it soon enough!

  • (Continue)

Before Pendragon or Grant Creston can speak, you hear a loud SCREECH from the video monitor behind Provost Marchand. The screen flashes for a few minutes before several figures appear on it...

  • (Look at the screen)


The Center: Pardon the rude interruption, but I felt the need to interject.
The Center: For those who do not know, I am the Center. Leader of the Council. I am here with some... friends of mine.
The Center: You may recognize one of them. Calvin Scott.
Calvin Scott: I see you made it to Primal Earth, -Aurora-.
The Center: Let's keep this civil, Calvin. I'll cut to the chase.
The Center: With the aid of Calvin Scott's Resistance, we have broken out every single prisoner within the Ziggurat.
The Center: As we speak, the tunnels beneath Brickstown are swarming with convicts. My request is simple.
The Center: Stay out of our way, and when I take over America, I shall ensure you all are well rewarded.
The Center: For example, Marauder, my scientists will reverse the effects of Berry's serum on you.
The Center: And Character... you could make an excellent lieutenant in the Council.
The Center: That is all, for now. Stand with me, or be torn down. You've been warned.


Upon completion of the mission, you will be awarded the Group Founder badge.

File:Badge i24 Brickstown Arc.png Group Founder

You helped Provost Marchand form the New Praetorians.


Calvin Scott... I should've known. He wants a war, Character. He always wanted a war. I don't know much about the Council or [[The Center|the Center, but I do know that Calvin Scott won't be happy until he sees the world burn. I thought he could change, that perhaps he was misguided, but I know now that he truly is insane. He and this 'Center' won't rest until the world is restructured through their own views, and that can only mean everyone else bowing down to what they think is right!

We're getting reports from all over Brickstown of villains causing havoc and destruction. The Freedom Phalanx are currently dealing with an Arachnos situation in Kallisti Wharf, while the Vindicators are trying to catch any villains fleeing to the Rogue Isles.

It's up to you and the New Praetorians to bring peace to Brickstown and put all of these villains back where they belong!