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Midnight Draws Near

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From the Story Arc "Midnight Draws Near" given by Darrin Wade.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 20-29.

Souvenir's Text

As you hold the empty potion bottle given to you by Darrin Wade, the bottle that once contained the Midnight Visage, you're reminded of the events you've come to know as...

Midnight Draws Near

Darrin Wade was once a Midnighter, but no more. Now, he sells their secrets to the highest bidder. He asked you to stop the Midnight Squad from coming to the Rogue Isles and disrupting his business. This led you to an ancient cave where they were investigating the history of magic. You faced off against Kadabra Kill and his wife Sigil, two volunteers of the Squad.

However, before you could discover why the Midnight Squad was in the Isles, Darrin sent you to retrieve a locket of hair from a now deceased business partner. The partner was working for Arachnos, which meant you had to sneak into their base and get out before they threw you in a holding cell and questioned you.

With the locket of hair, you were able to track the killers down, but what you found was not what you expected. The Lost were performing experiments on magical humans and they had the aid of their Rikti masters. Not only did you find the killer of Darrin Wade's partner, but you ran into Kadabra Kill and Sigil once again, not to mention a number of magical heroes, villains and other creatures.

Now that revenge was served, Wade wanted you to get back on the Midnight Squad. He had tracked down a member who was, yet again, doing more research in an ancient cave. The Midnighter's name was Alistair McKnight. Darrin wanted you to find him, question him and get a sample of his hair. You found Alistair and after a little questioning he was more than willing to give up the pass phrase that allows Midnighters access into their exclusive club.

The time was ready to infiltrate the club, learn what they're doing and steal everything that's not nailed down. Darrin crafted you a potion. It made you look like Alistair and you were able to infiltrate the Midnighters. You skulked through the halls, finding one relic after the next. No one was the wiser... until the suits of armor came to life. It didn't matter where you went or what you did, they could see you. They knew you were not welcome. Thankfully, your job was done and all you had to do was get out in one piece.

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