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Mental Manipulation

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Power Level Effect
PsychicBlast Subdue.png Subdual 1 Ranged, Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Moderate, Foe Immobilize
PsychicBlast Subdue.png Mind Probe 2 Ranged, Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Moderate, -Recharge
EnergyManipulation PowerThrust.png Telekinetic Thrust 4 Melee?, Damage: Minor, Recharge: Moderate, Foe Knockback
PsychicBlast PsychicScream.png Psychic Scream 10 Ranged (Cone), Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Slow
EnergyManipulation BuildUp.png Build Up 16 Self +Damage, +Accuracy, Foe: Knockback
DarkCast LifeDrain.png Drain Psyche 20 Ranged, Foe: -Regen, -Recovery, Self: +Regen, +Recovery
MentalControl Confuse.png World of Confusion 28 Ranged (Targeted Area of Effect)?, Damage (Psionic), Foe Confuse
DarkMiasma PetrifyingGaze.png Scare 35 Ranged, Foe: Fear
EnergyManipulation Stun.png Psychic Shockwave 38 Point Blank Area of Effect?, Extreme Damage(Psionic), Foe: Disorient -Recharge, Self: -Recovery?