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Manticore's Arrow

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From the Story Arc "A New Day Dawning" given by Twinshot.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 5-9.

Souvenir's Text

Manticore's Arrow

You kept this arrow, engraved with the letter 'S', to remember your experiences with a ragtag group of heroes called...

The Shining Stars - A New Day Dawning

You were invited to join with a group of up-and-coming heroes that call themselves the Shining Stars. After Twinshot introduced you to Proton, Flambeaux, and Dillo, everyone was surprised by an unexpected guest, Grym. Having prevented an inexplicable ambush by Arachnos agents, the Shining Stars counted two new members to the group.

Twinshot then directed you to a friend of hers, Miss Liberty. After pointing out that trainers were for novice and experienced heroes alike, Miss Liberty sent you via the city tram to speak with Blue Steel in Kings Row. You did your part in helping Paragon City by assisting him in the arrest of a group of thugs calling themselves The Skulls.

Later, the Shining Star's makeshift hangout was attacked by Arachnos agents. Fortunately, several of your friends were already at home when the assault came. Working together, you were able to fend off the attacks of the servants of Lord Recluse.

All of your friends then hit the streets of Paragon City in hopes of locating the source of the Arachnos attacks. Working together, the Shining Stars were able to track down where they were coming from. After putting all the clues together, you believed that the Arachnos agents were mistakenly targeting you and your friends. Their true target was Manticore, one of the greatest defenders of Paragon City!

After rushing to Manticore's mansion on the outskirts of the city, it appeared to be too late! Arachnos agents had already broken into his home and claimed to have kidnapped him. After fighting your way down to his secret lair beneath the mansion, you would learn that this was all nothing more than a test put together by Manticore himself! Due to your help, the Shining Stars have been 'adopted' by Manticore and can now consider themselves to be a full-fledged supergroup!

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