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* [[Badges]]
* [[Badges]]
* [[Invention Badges]]
* [[Invention Badges]]
{{Related Crafting Badges-Accuracy}}
== External Links==
== External Links==
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{{BadgeHunter Badge}}
{{BadgeHunter Badge}}
{{Invention Badges}}
[[Category:Invention Badges]]
[[Category:Invention Badges]]
[[Category:CoH Badges with Effects]]
[[Category:CoV Badges with Effects]]

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You have memorized the following recipes at level 15 and 20: Accuracy and To Hit Buff.

How to Get

Craft 6 level 15 and 6 level 20 Common Accuracy enhancements (Accuracy and To Hit Buff), plus one more of either level.


Badge field crafting.png  Field Crafter Badge        

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