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Loyalty Program

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The City of Heroes loyalty program was announced on July 29, 2009.

Loyal Through Thick and Thin[1]

Heroes strive to achieve the best within themselves through loyalty and determination. Villains use fear to instill it in their comrades. Wherever your allegiance lies, we want to reward you and thank you for your devotion. To that end, we are pleased to introduce the following program.

Keep Your Account Active, Be Rewarded!

All City of Heroes® and City of Villains® players who maintain an active account for the time period beginning August 15, 2009 and ending November 15, 2009 will receive a set of special rewards for their loyalty to Paragon City™ and The Rogue Isles™:

  • Closed Beta access* for City of Heroes Going Rogue™
  • Exclusive loyalty badges**: "Vigilant" for Heroes and "Determined" for Villains

* Going Rogue Closed Beta Access will be granted using a three-tier system:

  • Tier One: City of Heroes Veterans with 60+ months of paid time.
  • Tier Two: Loyalty Program players
  • Tier Three: Players who Pre-Order Going Rogue (Preorder details to be announced at a later date)

** Badges will be enabled within one week after the promotional period has ended.

Bonus Subscription Time

Additionally, we are pleased to introduce a limited time Loyalty Plan Subscription Offer. Back by popular demand, this is the same plan that we introduced last year with our Holiday promotion. When you purchase game account time between now and November 15, 2009, you will receive additional rewards:

  • Sign up for 6 months, get a 7th month free.
  • Sign up for 12 months, get a 13th and 14th month free.

Either one of these can be "stacked" (added) one time on top of your current subscription plan. To take advantage of this offer log in to your NCsoft® Account and you will see the special offer from your City of Heroes game account page.

* This promotion ends at 11:59PM EST, November 15th, 2009.

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