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Longbow pin

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From the Story Arc "Johnny's Squeeze" given by Jezebel Jones .
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 35-39.

Souvenir's Text

You took this Longbow pin after you defeated the secret agent who was, ever so briefly:

Johnny's Squeeze

It began with a mission from the big man himself. Johnny Sonata had fallen in love, and he had fallen hard. Jezebel Jones, ever the devoted servant, asked you to kidnap the object of Johnny's affections, a pretty Marcone heiress named Theadora.

You did the deed, but the job wasn't over. Longbow came after the girl to rescue her from Johnny's private office. You had to dispose of the agents, but not before you found a set of coded orders on one of them.

Jezebel had a client who was a mole inside Longbow, so it wasn't that difficult to get the orders translated. What they revealed shocked Jezebel: Theadora was actually a Longbow agent! Though her ties to the Marcones were genuine, she had been recruited by Longbow as a teen. Now, she was not just a Longbow agent; she was a Longbow agent who knew too much. You had to take her out.

Some say Johnny's broken heart adds a little extra soul into his singing. Others say he's a cold-hearted slime who never felt any honest affection in his life. As for you, you padded your reputation and your pocket. As far as you're concerned, things worked out well.

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