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Lifetime Movie Pass

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From the Story Arc "No More Fears" given by Officer Fields.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 1-7.

Souvenir's Text

Lifetime Movie Pass

You received this lifetime movie pass to the movie theater in Atlas Park after defending it from the Vahzilok. It reminds you of a series of event you've come to know as...

No More Fears

It all started when Matthew Habashy introduced you to Officer Fields, a PPD recruit from Galaxy City who needed help with a murder case in the Promenade. You went to the crime scene and found out that there were some witnesses who saw what happened, but were too afraid to speak up, believing that the PPD was unable to protect them. You convinced the witness that you and the PPD could keep her safe and discovered that the murder was carried out by the Vahzilok. You went into one of their lairs in the sewers to clear them out and found the Vahzilok were going to be targeting people attending a charity play in the Promenade!

You immediately went to the movie theater to warn the manager, Victoria Manuel, about the dangers. She seemed to be confident in your abilities to handle the situation on your own, despite the fact that she herself was super-powered and could help you. Regardless, you were off to push back the Vahzilok nearby and found a note from Dr. Vahzilok himself. It seems that the Vahzilok were targeting people who had survived the Galaxy Incident, believing that there was something special about being exposed to the Shivan meteors and that a man named Botte was handling everything going on. Officer Fields believed this to be a man named Joseph Botte, the brother of the man who was previously killed.

Fields provided you with the location of where Botte may be located, along with the people who have already been kidnapped. You stormed the sewers and rescued the hostages before the Vahzilok could carve them up. You then confronted Joseph Botte, who revealed his motives behind all of this: he was simply afraid, and Dr. Vahzilok promised him a way to immortality, a life where he wouldn't have to be afraid anymore. You put a stop to Botte's operation, saving the Promenade from the mad schemes of Dr. Vahzilok.

Officer Fields thanked you for all your help and believed this was the last of the problems in the Promenade. Looking back, the real source of all these problems was Dr. Vahzilok; he preyed on the fears of the people, using them for his own scientific ends. You have to wonder, did he even care to alleviate the fears of Botte and the others who survived the Galaxy Incident, or was this all just being done in the name of his own mad scientific research?

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