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Legend of Ruladak

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From the Task Force "The Legend of Ruladak" given by Sara Moore.

Souvenir's Text

When Sara Moore asked for your help to find out who had been kidnapping natives you couldn't have known that it would lead you to uncover

The Legend of Ruladak

You fought the Nemesis Army troops around the Cascade Archipelago and found that they were under order to do just that.

You then rescued several natives who had been captured by the Nemesis Army who were interrogating them to find out about a native legend about a monster called 'Ruladak'.

You liberated more captives from the Nemesis Army who were also being interrogated about the myths of Ruladak including a man called 'Old Fred' who seemed to know more than he was telling. On your return. Sara Moore told you the myth of Ruladak about a monster that tried to force natives to worship the Rularuu after 'the madness broke the world' but was imprisoned by kindness.

You next struck a Nemesis Army base and recovered a letter to a 'General Fort' of the Nemesis army talking about plans to awaken some sleeping power and ally with the Rularuu.

You next learned that Old Fred one of the oldest and wisest of the people in the Shadow Shard had been kidnapped by the Circle of Thorns when he was looking for a book written by his father about Ruladak. You rescued him and he told you that Ruladak was real! The Circle however had already taken the book back to Oranbega.

You returned to Paragon City and recovered the book from Oranbega. It detailed a great deal of information about how Ruladak the Strong had been bound by the 'Kind One'.

While the book was off being analyzed you went off looking for another group of natives who had been kidnapped. You found that they had actually been taken by the Rularuu. who were interrogating the natives for what they knew of the Nemesis Army.

The worst came to pass when you attacked a Nemesis base and found that a Nemesis Army leader named General Fort had signed a treaty with the Rularuu to free Ruladak and ally with the creature in an attempt to sieze control of the Nemesis Army.

You began the battle to stop the Nemesis Army from awakening Ruladak the Strong. The Nemesis Army had already gotten to the first of the 4 seals that held Ruladak imprisoned.

You secured the second seal which could be used by trained mystics to weaken Ruladak should he awaken. You were also able to secure the third seal which kept Ruladak from fully re-connecting with the Rularuu.

You went after the last seal only to find it missing.

You then battled the Nemesis Army to find the location of the 4th seal.

You recovered the seal and defeated General Fort only to learn that Fort had been used and that Ruladak the Strong was already about to awaken.

You entered deep into his lair and battled Ruladak the Strong. Sara Moore could hardly contain herself as she had just seen mythic heroes write the end chapter of the Legend of Ruladak.

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