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== Accolade ==
{{howtoget_item|center|icon=Badge_tourism_hazard_accolade.png|size=54px|badge=Perez Park Perfection Badge}}
== Supergroup Badge ==
== Supergroup Badge ==

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This fountain was a gift to the city, donated by billionaire playboy Justin Sinclair.


This badge is in the far south part of Perez Park. Enter from Skyway and turn left, then follow the road to where it ends in a loop around a fountain. The badge is in the fountain. Its coordinates are (-1034, 1, 3976). It is 246 yards from the Skyway City entrance.

Badge Justice Avenger.jpg


Badge tourism hazard accolade.png  Perez Park Perfection Badge        

Supergroup Badge

Badge sgitem.png  Perez Park Beacon Badge        


The Justice Avenger badge is awarded to characters of the hero and vigilante alignments. The same badge on villains and rogues is called Social Climber.

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