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Johnny Sonata Tickets

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From the Story Arc "Sold for a Song" given by Hardcase.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 30-39.

Souvenir's Text

These are a couple of Johnny Sonata tickets. You got these as a reminder of a tale you like to call:

Sold for a Song

It all started when Hardcase the demon hunter got you to beat down some Wailers on St. Martial and collect their essence in a crystal pendant. You got the job done, and Hardcase related the Wailers had a 'resonance' having to do with sound and music, possibly something on St. Martial itself.

Hardcase wanted to know more, and sent you to interrogate some Circle of Thorns mystics, known demon summoners. You found that one of the Circle mystics known as Karvost had made some deals with the Wailers. Heading to Karvost's lair, you interrogated the mystic to discover that he had learned to control them through a book known as the Tolshak Mysteries, hidden in a Circle temple beneath Sharkhead Isle.

Raiding the Circle of Thorns temple on Sharkhead Isle, you ransacked their libraries to find the Tolshak Mysteries. You took the book back to Hardcase who began to unlock its secrets.

Hardcase was recently visited by Daniel Hawthorn, a man who had made a pact with the Wailers. He reneged on the deal however, and was being hunted by the demons. Hardcase wanted to know the details of the pact, so sent you to get to the man before the demons did. After you rescued Daniel Hawthorn, he told you the deal: they'd provide him luck in the casino, and he'd destroy one of the seals on the Golden Giza. Hardcase theorized that the demons were bownd to the seals in some way.

Hardcase decided to ask an expert in magical matters, and requested a divination on the seals from the Archmage Tarixus on Sharkhead Isle. Tarixus required a boon first, asking you to eliminate some of his Circle enemies on Primeva. Once you succeeded, he sent the results of the divination to Hardcase. Hardcase revealed the seals were not there to bind the Wailers to the Golden Giza, but to keep them out of Babylon!

Hardcase still had the question of who was behind the building of the seals. He sent you to the local property office to find out more info on Babylon and the Golden Giza. there you found that major architectural reconstruction was done by none other than the star singer of the Golden Giza, Johnny Sonata! Hardcase speculated Johnny had sold his soul to the demons for a song, but then found the means to prevent them from getting at him. Hardcase was frustrated: killing Johnny to solve the Wailer problem would be difficult, and was not the guaranteed solution. Hardcase was consigned to hunt demons until a clear path was apparent.

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