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Jezebel's token

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From the Story Arc "The Missing Maidens" given by Jezebel Jones .
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 35-39.

Souvenir's Text

Jezebel gave you this gold token for helping her deal with a disappearing client. It's a pass to many of St. Martial's hidden secrets, but it's also a reminder of the adventure you like to call:

The Missing Maidens

Jezebel Jones needed your help. Two of her employees had disappeared, along with one of her most important clients. You went to investigate the client's office, and found it swarming with carnies! A note in a code only Jezebel could read clued you in: the Carnival had kidnapped the client, Richard Thornbrush. Jezebel's girls, fearful for their lives, had gone into hiding.

Jezebel was determined to find them, so she sent you to an old hideout one of the girls had formerly used. There you found the girls, but were shocked to find that they had joined the Carnival willingly. In fact, they had been selling Jezebel's secrets to the carnies all along!

Jezebel's business was now in jeopardy. She had to put a stop to the espionage, and she had to do it quietly. She sent you to track down the woman at the heart of the scheme, Madame Kay. You eliminated the madam, along with her entire ring of accomplices. You also rescued Jezebel's wayward client from the Carnival's tender grasp.

Jezebel Jones is still in operation, thanks to your quick and ruthless efficiency. Perhaps she'll share more of her secrets with you.

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