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Iron Hand's Badge

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From the Story Arc "A Hand of Iron" given by Wilma Peterson, Andrew Fiore, Claire Childress, Lt. Col. Hugh McDougal, Vic Garland, or Jake Kim.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 20-24.

Souvenir's Text

Iron Hand's Badge

Detective Jackson gave you Iron Hand's badge after you apprehended the disloyal agent. It's a constant reminder that life in Paragon City can be treacherous, even to hardened professionals.

A Hand of Iron

Your routine missions against the Freakshow were going well. Perhaps too well. Your contact informed you that your constant thwarting of Freakshow schemes had put an undercover cop in danger! The Freaks suspected they had a mole.

You hit the streets, defeating Freak after Freak in an attempt to divert suspicion from the mole. If you could only make your actions seem random, not directed, perhaps the Freaks would let their suspicions slide. In one battle, you recovered a list of names from a defeated Freak. You took the list to Det. Rondel Jackson, who was dismayed to learn that his officer's name was among those listed. It seemed the Freaks' suspicions might be on the money.

Det. Jackson asked you to rescue his agent, Iron Hand. After an intense battle with the Freaks, you learned that Iron Hand had indeed become one of them. His undercover persona had become his life.

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