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Inert Meteor Fragment

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From the Story Arc "The Big Leagues" given by Twinshot.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 10-14.

Souvenir's Text

Inert Meteor Fragment

Proton assures you that despite the incandescent glow, this fragment of the Shivan meteor is completely harmless. You keep it around to remind yourself of when you and your friends were reaching new heights...

The Shining Stars - Big Leagues

After 'rescuing' Manticore, the Shining Stars were provided with a brand new base of operations. You went to the new location to visit Proton, only to find Skulls breaking into his lab! You cleared out the Skulls and helped Proton complete his research, but much of his equipment had been stolen or destroyed.

Proton suspected foul play, so you, Grym, and Dillo all began to investigate the source of the breakin. After some searching and a visit to Steel Canyon University, you discovered that the Clockwork had been buying up all of Proton's stolen lab equipment!

Twinshot sent you and Flambeaux into a Clockwork warehouse, where Proton's equipment had been stashed. You didn't manage to recover all of the stolen parts, but you managed to acquire the Field Stabilizers, which would be necessary for Proton's project in Galaxy City.

In preparation for your entry into the now-destroyed Galaxy City, you went back to Manticore's Mansion and underwent a series of combat training exercises. Twinshot encountered a dangerous glitch in the system, but the two of you made it out in one piece.

When it finally came time to begin the Galaxy City mission, the Shining Stars sprang into action. All six of you worked together to place Proton's stabilizers, but you encountered an odd encounter between Twinshot... and Maelstrom. Maelstrom sent odd robots to attack you, which eventually drew the ire of Manticore.

Manticore pulled you aside, and informed you that one of the Shining Stars had summoned the Praetorians! Aware that a traitor is amongst you, you begin to see your friends in a new light...

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