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Illicit copy of Malachai's files

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From the Story Arc "Power of the Spirit" given by Veluta Lunata.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 10-14.

Souvenir's Text

Souvenir: Illicit copy of Malachai's files

No one else knows you've kept a copy of the wild plans of the Arachnos sorcerer Malachai. You've kept it as insurance in case Veluta Lunata moves against you, but it's also a potent reminder of the caper you like to call:

Power of the Spirit

It began with a missing sorcerer named Malachai. Veluta knew who was likely to blame: Phil, the ghost Malachai had been working with to bring the ghosts under Arachnos control. You went to the place where Malachai was to meet with Phil, and discovered the sorcerer's body. You had to battle through a number of ghosts to get to it, along with a few Legacy Chain mages, who seemed to be in collusion with the Red Hands.

Veluta knew Arachnos would want vengeance for Malachai, but, more importantly, she was curious about Phil's aims. And so she sent you to kidnap Emma Kane, Phil's mother. Though the Legacy Chain had already thought to protect Mrs. Kane, you abducted her without delay.

Under Veluta's interrogation, Mrs. Kane revealed that she had often dreamed of her son in the months since his death. In those dreams, he had told her not to trust Arachnos. This led Veluta to believe that Phil had been playing Malachai all along. Phil planned to sic the Legacy Chain on Malachai's lab, and it was only a matter of time! Sure enough, within hours, Legacy Chain forces struck at Malachai's old haunt. You defeated them, with a little help from the Arachnos forces on hand. And you also recovered Malachai's files, which indicated that he had been about to bring all the ghosts in Port Oakes under his control.

When you told Veluta Lunata of Malachai's plans, she abruptly ended your relationship. She has so far managed to successfully conceal Malachai's intentions from her superiors in Arachnos, though you cannot be entirely sure of her motivation. Is it to protect the soul of the man she loved and killed? Or is it to keep Malachai's pwer for herself? Whatever her reason, you have considered it prudent to retain a copy of Malachai's spells.

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