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Hero One

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This article is about Great Britain's Hero One. For his successor, see Hero 1.


Very little is known about the British crime fighter known as Hero One, save that he was active in 1976 and helped save the world from nuclear annihilation, and that his son would be the future leader of Omega Team, Hero 1.


The man who would become Hero One wielded the fabled sword known as Excalibur. All who bear this mantle and legacy are descended from the same bloodline, and can trace their ancestry to the ancient fae of England. The fae were charged long ago to keep Excalibur safe and who better than one of their greatest champions to be given that responsibility.

In 1976, the American hero known as the Statesman entered the Soviet Union to rescue the pilot of a downed spy plane. The Soviets reacted by launching a tactical nuclear missile at the Statesman. Hostilities soon escalated, forcing the world's heroes to step in and prevent a full-scale nuclear strike. Hero One then emerged as an international diplomat, negotiating a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

This heroic intervention had a lasting impact on world politics. While the governments involved were quite resentful towards the heroes, the world at large came to adore them – as far as the public was concerned, they truly were the saviors of the world. This marked the beginning of the break in close cooperation between governments and hero organizations that had characterized much of the post-World War II period. The many events of the cold war had shown heroes that they often worked better outside of government policies and politics. They began to see themselves as a kind of fifth estate, standing as guardians not only of the world’s safety and physical well being, but also of the rights of humanity as a whole.

At some point after the 1976 crisis, Hero One died and was succeeded by his son, Hero 1, another champion from Great Britain.


  • As his son, Hero 1, evidently followed the same path as himself, Hero One presumably had contact with the Lady of the Lake, which in turn would have made him an Incarnate, although like his son, he would be unaware of this distinction.