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Henry Peter Wong

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Henry Peter Wong
Henry Peter Wong.jpg
Hero Corps Liaison
Zone Atlas Park
Coordinates (286, 16, -883.5)
Level Range 5-9
Introduced By Rebecca Brinell
Linda Summers
Introduces Level 5-9
Detective Jose Brogan
Maurice Feldon
Tony Kord
Laurence Mansfield
Genevieve Sanders
Level 10-14
Jill Pastor
Kyle Peck
Enemy Groups

Badge villain vahzilok.png Vahzilok

Badge villain outcasts.png Outcasts
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Henry Peter Wong is a hero contact in the Atlas Plaza neighborhood of Atlas Park at coordinates (286, 16, -883.5). Henry Peter Wong is a Science origin contact. His level range is 5-9.


Contact Introduced By

New Contact(s)

Some more people I know could use your help.

You should think about talking to Detective Jose Brogan. He's pretty intense, but he's a great cop and a good person to know if you are looking for information on the Lost. His beat is Atlas Park.

Detective Brogan will let you in on some interesting cases.

You should talk to Maurice Feldon some time. He keeps track of anything that's going on in the science world. He's particularly interested in the Clockwork King. Maurice's company is in Galaxy City so you can usually find him there.

Maurice may be a little reckless, but he is very intelligent and he means well.

Tony Kord is a good person to know. He knows what's happening in the city, especially where the Clockwork are concerned, and he'll often suggest solutions. Tony's company is in Atlas Park, so he usually hangs out there.

Deal honestly with Tony if you want his help.

You should consider introducing yourself to Laurence Mansfield. He is one of the more personable county coroners. He can be a very helpful resource on the Hellions and the Circle of Thorns. He is located in Atlas Park.

Mansfield has a strange sense of humor sometimes.

You should introduce yourself to Genevieve Sanders. She's a pharmacist with a heart of gold who does a lot of community work, and she loves to help heroes against the Hellions and the Circle of Thorns. Genevieve is near the hospital in Kings Row.

She is one of the nicest people I know.

I suggest you see if Jill Pastor from the FCC has anything for you. She's always looking for heroes to help her out with the Vahzilok. Jill's offices are in Skyway City.

Jill is very serious about catching the bad guys and is willing to give valuable info to any hero who can get the job done.

There's an EPA investigator named Kyle Peck who's known for working well with heroes. I'm sure he'd be happy to help you out as well, and, more importantly, I think you could help him against the Vahzilok. Kyle's connections keep him in Steel Canyon most of the time.

Kyle is fiercely dedicated. As long as you show commitment to helping Paragon City, you will have a strong ally.


Hero Corps Liaison

Hero Corps has turned fighting crime into a profitable business, by employing teams of heroes and contracting work out to freelancers. Henry Peter Wong is a low-level hero liaison, whose job it is to give low-priority or low-threat cases to relatively inexperienced heroes. Henry Peter is relatively new to the business, but his brother was a famous hero called Star Strike, who died in the Rikti War. Although he doesn't have his brother's powers, Henry Peter still wants to work with heroes. He realizes that his success in the company depends on the successes of the heroes he works with, so he gives them as much information as he possibly can.

Prior to Introduction

Sorry, nothing going on right now. Maybe Active Contact has a job for you, though.

Initial Contact

I will do everything in my power to make certain that you succeed, Character. Hero Corps is here for you.


  • Help me to help you, Character.
  • I have some duties well suited to your skills.

Too Busy

I can't assign you another task until you finish some of your old ones. It might make Hero Corps look bad!

No More Missions

Sorry, but Hero Corps hasn't authorized me to deal with heroes of your Security Level. You should talk to another contact.


Missing Store Unlock Dialogue


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