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Hear and Now

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From the Story Arc "Hear and Now" given by Long Jack.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 20-24.

Souvenir's Text

Hear and Now

Whenever you get a whiff of sea air, you think about Long Jack and the events you have come to know as...

Hear and Now

Long Jack has had a long hard road, due to the Council's meddling. He asked you to aid him in his vendetta against them. What could it hurt except some Council, right? However, what you discovered was the deep hatred and anger Long Jack felt towards not just the Council but his own life.

This all came to a head when Jack managed to track down where the doctor who had experimented on him was located. Dr. Goldsmith was in hiding and Jack sent you to arrest him. You expected a fight, but really all you got was an apologetic, scared man afraid of his employers, but more afraid of Long Jack. Dr. Goldsmith "sung like a canary", revealing the location of Maestro's secret base. Long Jack would have normally wanted blood, but at with the capture of Dr. Goldsmith, he was sated with simple justice. Maestro was angry at the loss of Goldsmith and felt the need to "try" and take it out on you. That was fine. It made the fight a little more worthwhile. In the end, Long Jack got his justice and hopefully a little peace in the process.

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