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Gunslinger Costume Set

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The Gunslinger Costume Set is only available through the Paragon Market. This set contains 26 costume pieces (plus variations) and three weapon customizations.

Costume Bundle

ParagonMarket CostumeSet Gunslinger.png
The Gunslinger Costume Bundle is available on the Paragon Market for 400 Paragon Points. If purchasing all of the pieces separately, they would cost 1080pp total. No auras, emotes or powers are contained in this bundle.

Costume Pieces



ParagonMarket Gunslinger HatwithSkull.png Gunslinger Hat (with Skull) (M/H) - 40pp

ParagonMarket Gunslinger Hat.png Gunslinger Hat (M/H) - 40pp


ParagonMarket Gunslinger RingletsHairstyle.png Gunslinger Ringlets (F) - 40pp

Head Detail 1

ParagonMarket Gunslinger HairBow.png Gunslinger Hair Bow (F) - 20pp

Head Detail 2

ParagonMarket Gunslinger Cigarillo.png Gunslinger Cigarillo (M/F/H) - 20pp

ParagonMarket Gunslinger ChokerwithSkull.png Gunslinger Choker (with Skull) (F) - 20pp

ParagonMarket Gunslinger Choker.png Gunslinger Choker (F) - 20pp

Upper Body


ParagonMarket Gunslinger JacketwithVest.png Gunslinger Jacket with Vest (M/H) - 40pp

ParagonMarket Gunslinger Jacket.png Gunslinger Jacket (M/H) - 40pp


ParagonMarket Gunslinger Blouse.png Gunslinger Blouse (F) - 40pp


ParagonMarket Gunslinger JacketSleeveswithCuffs.png Gunslinger Jacket Sleeves with Cuffs (M/H) - 20pp

ParagonMarket Gunslinger JacketSleeves.png Gunslinger Jacket Sleeves (M/H) - 20pp

ParagonMarket Gunslinger BlouseSleeves.png Gunslinger Blouse Sleeves (F) - 20pp


ParagonMarket Gunslinger SkullShoulders.png Gunslinger Skull Shoulders (M/H) - 40pp

Chest Details

ParagonMarket Gunslinger Undershirt.png Gunslinger Undershirt (M/H) - 40pp

ParagonMarket Gunslinger Bustier.png Gunslinger Bustier (F) - 40pp


ParagonMarket Gunslinger GloveswithSkull.png Gunslinger Gloves with Skull (F) - 40pp

ParagonMarket Gunslinger Gloves.png Gunslinger Gloves (F) - 40pp


ParagonMarket Gunslinger Belt.png Gunslinger Belt (M/F/H) - 40pp

  • Over-jacket and plain versions for males are only available with Jackets upper body type.

ParagonMarket Gunslinger Bustle.png Gunslinger Bustle (F) - 40pp

  • Only available with Tight, Tops with Skin, shirts, and Baggy upper body types.

Lower Body


ParagonMarket Gunslinger PantswithFlaps.png Gunslinger Pants with Flaps (M/F/H) - 40pp

ParagonMarket Gunslinger Pants.png Gunslinger Pants (M/F/H) - 40pp


ParagonMarket Gunslinger BootswithSpurs.png Gunslinger Boots with Spurs (M/F/H) - 40pp

ParagonMarket Gunslinger Boots.png Gunslinger Boots (M/F/H) - 40pp

ParagonMarket Gunslinger HeelswithGarters.png Heels with Garters (F) - 40pp

ParagonMarket Gunslinger Heels.png Heels (F) - 40pp


ParagonMarket Gunslinger RenoHard8Pistol.png Gunslinger Reno Hard 8 Pistol (Dual Pistols) - 60pp

ParagonMarket Gunslinger DaltonEqualizerPistol.png Gunslinger Dalton Equalizer Pistol (Dual Pistols) - 60pp

ParagonMarket Gunslinger DiamondbackPistol.png Gunslinger Diamondback Pistol (Dual Pistols) - 60pp


There are no auras related to this costume set.


There are no emotes related to this costume set.


There are no powers related to this costume set.

Preselected Costumes

The Gunslinger costume pieces are available in the costume creator as a preselected costume set.

Gunslinger Costume Set
Gunslinger Costume Set Huge
Male Gunslinger Costume Set
Head Shape Face Pattern Hat Ears Pattern Detail 1 Detail 2
Hats Chiseled Face 18 Gunslinger 01 Human None Gunslinger 01
Upper Body
Upper Body Jackets Style Sleeves Style Chest Pattern Shoulders Style Chest Detail Pattern Gloves Style Pattern Belt Style
Jackets Gunslinger 01 Leather Gunslinger 01 Leather Bare Chest None Gunslinger Gunslinger Smooth/Bare Fingerless Glove Gunslinger 1
Lower Body
Lower Body Pants Style Pattern Boots Style Pattern Tails
Pants Gunslinger 01 Leather Gunslinger 01 None
Back Detail
Back Detail

Gunslinger Costume Set Female
Female Gunslinger Costume Set
Head Shape Face Pattern Hair Ears Detail 1 Detail 2
Standard Average 1 Face 24 Gunslinger 01 Human Gunslinger 02 Gunslinger 01
Upper Body
Upper Body Shirt Sleeves Chest Pattern Shoulders Style Chest Detail Pattern Gloves Style Pattern Belt Style
Shirts Gunslinger 01 Gunslinger 01 Bandeau None Gunslinger 01 Gunslinger 01 Gunslinger 3
Lower Body
Lower Body Bottom Boots Style Pattern Tails
Bottoms with Skin Bikini 1 Gunslinger 01 None
Back Detail
Back Detail

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