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Glimpse of the Abyss

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Glipse of the Abyss is a Fear Enhacements Set in the Invention System. It is available in the 20-52 level range.

Set Enhancements

  • Glipse of the Abyss: Accuracy/Recharge
  • Glipse of the Abyss: Endurance/Fear
  • Glipse of the Abyss: Accuracy/Endurance
  • Glipse of the Abyss: Fear/Range
  • Glipse of the Abyss: Endurance/Recharge/Fear
  • Glipse of the Abyss: Chance for Psionic Damage

Set Bonuses

  • (2) Improves the duration of your Fear effects by 2.75%
  • (3) Increases maximum by 1.88%
  • (4) Improves the accuracy of all of your powers by 6.25%
  • (5) Improves the Recharge Time of all of your powers by 6.25%
  • (6) Increases Psionic resistance by 3.13%