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A Gladiator is a controllable critter used in Arena matches. Characters may choose teams of gladiators based on Gladiator Badges they have earned. They are controlled with Pet commands (as Masterminds use on their henchmen).

Each gladiator is worth a certain number of points, ranging from 100 to 500. Characters receive 2000 points to spend on the various types of gladiator they may choose. Multiples of the same gladiator are allowed up to a maximum of three.

List of Gladiators

Available to Heroes and Villains

Gladiator Faction Rank Points Earned By
7th Generation Paragon Protector Crey 400 Infiltrator
Anathema The Lost Lieutenant 250 Finder
Avalanche Shaman Banished Pantheon 300 Banisher
Behemoth Overlord Circle of Thorns Lieutenant 400 Demon Slayer
Bladegrass Devouring Earth 300 DE emanators
Caliban Trolls 250 Regenerator
Cog Clockwork Minion 150 Gearsmasher
Coralax Blue Hybrid Coralax Coralax Blue Hybrids
Crane Enforcer Tsoo 200 Tracer
Crey Power Tank Crey 500 100 Crey Tanks
Fortunata Seer Arachnos 350 100 Fortunata Seers
Fungoid Devouring Earth Protectorate / Devourer
Hellfrost Circle of Thorns 450 Coldblooded / Coldhearted
Hercules Titan Council Grand Lanista
Kaolin Legacy of Earth Legacy Chain 300 Collector / Native
Longbow Nullifier Longbow 450 Lanista
Longbow Warden 1 Longbow 300 Politician
Longbow Warden 2 Longbow Disruptor
Mu Guardian Arachnos 100 Mu Guardians
Omega Wolf Praetorian Minion 500 The Silver Bullet
Outcast Initiate Slugger Outcasts Minion 100 Weatherman
Raider Engineer Sky Raiders 100 Force Field Generators
Rascal Red Caps Minion 300 Toothbreaker
Serpent Blue Ink Man Tsoo 400 125 Blue Ink Men
Shivan Destroyer Shivans 300 Irradiated
Smasher Elite Warriors Legionnaire
Frostling Winter Horde Minion 150 Toy Collector
Steel Strongman Carnival of Shadows 450 Illusionist
Swift Steel Tsoo 300 Ancestor Spirits
Tank Smasher Freakshow Boss 300 Tank Buster
Tarantula Arachnos Venomous

Available only to Heroes

Gladiator Faction Rank Points Earned By
5th Column Krieger 5th Column 400 Celebrant and Reveler
Abomination The Lost 200 Synapse's Cohort
Arch-Mage of Agony Circle of Thorns Boss 500 Archmage
Boulder Devouring Earth minion? 300 Liberator
Button Man Gunner Family Minion 250 Keeper of Peace
Chief Swiper Freakshow 250 Pwnz
Protean Hydra 200 Charmer
Meson Praetorian Lieutenant 250 Dimensional Warder
Mob Specialist Prisoners 100 Prisoner Bosses
Nebula Elite Buckshot Council 150 Protector of Innocents
Nemesis Soldier Nemesis Corrupter
Pariah Anchorite The Lost 350 Intellectual
Penumbra Elite Adjutant Council 250 Super Spy
Research Assistant Crey Minion 400 Crey Havoc
Advanced Drone Rikti Minion 350 Savant
Warhulk Nemesis Boss 400 Meteorologist
Wraith Circle of Thorns 450 Haunted
Zenith Warcry Mk I Council Burkholder's Bane

Available only to Villains

Gladiator Faction Rank Points Earned By
Arachnobot Arachnos 350 Agent of Discord
Arachnoid Arachnos 350 Sewer Dweller
Cobra Snakes Boss 250 Snake Charmer
Crab Spider Longfang Arachnos 500 completing patron arc
Ember Legacy of Flame Legacy Chain 250 100 Legacy Chain Minions
Fire Thorn Caster Circle of Thorns Thorn Robber
Gremlin 200 Electrician
Hordeling Lasher 100 Hordelings
Juicer Freakshow 300 Watcher on the Knoll
Longbow Rifleman Longbow 300 Locked and Loaded
Longbow Spec-Ops Longbow 350 Villain
Lucent Legacy of Light Legacy Chain 250 100 Legacy Chain Lieutenants
Mook Family 100 Washed Up
Mook Capo Family Stone Cold
Night Haunt 150 Pirate
Night Widow Arachnos 350 Wiseguy
Red Hand 250 Spectral
Slag Pile 350 Slag Reaper
Sorcerer Tsoo Mage Hunter
Wailer 400 Stonekeeper
Wolf Spider Enforcer Arachnos 150 Soldier
Wolf Spider Tac Ops Arachnos 250 Insider

Gladiator Commands

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