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Freaklympics gold medal

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From the Story Arc "The Freaklympics" given by Marvin Weintraub or Collin Larson.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 25-29.

Souvenir's Text

Freaklympics gold medal

You've kept this crude metal disk as a reminder of the time you put a stop to:

The Freaklympics

It started when your contact told you about a series of Freakshow office invasions. While fighting the Freakshow, you found out that these invasions were part of a competition.

It wasn't long before the next event started, with a wave of Freakshow thefts across town. You did your part to stop the thefts, and found a flyer for the Freaklympics.

The next Freaklympic event involved the kidnapping of city councilmen. Fortunately, you were able to rescue all the officials before any harm was done to them.

You got a break in your investigation when you learned that the Kerner, the Freak who arranged the Freaklympic event schedule, was going to be on a scavenger raid in a Council base. You fought through both the Freaks and the Council to capture him. Your efforts were rewarded, for the Kerner had a copy of the full event schedule.

You were able to stop the next event in its tracks and prevent the Freakshow's Upstart Faction from steealing technology from the local lab. You also learned that some of the Freaks hoped to break their leader, Upstart, out of prison.

Before you could investigate the Upstart Faction's plan, you had to stop another group of Freaks from destroying a shipment of school computers with firebombs.

You then found out that the Upstart Faction was planning to plant explosives and sonic destabilizers under Brickstown to blow the Brick House open and free Upstart. When you arrived to stop them, you found the faction fighting another group of Freaks who had orders to stop the prison break

With Brickstown saved, you went to the final event of the Freaklympics, the award ceremony. There you captured Mistah Static, one of Dreck's right hand men. From him you learned that Dreck's word had sent Upstart to jail in the first place, though Mistah Static was unable to give a reason for Dreck's betrayal.

There are still some unanswered questions in your mind, but at least you know that you put an end to the Freaklympics and the Freakshow's wave of crime.

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