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Filled Notepad

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From the Story Arc "Choose Your Own Adventure" given by Fortunata Hamilton.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 15-19.

Souvenir's Text

You look upon the notepad, filled with questions and the answers you got, and remember back to the time you call:

Choose Your Own Adventure

You began your time with Forunata Hamilton by doing a simple extraction for Arachnos, part of your regular Arachnos-related duties. However, the seer that you were sent to Paragon City to retrieve had some very interesting things to say about you and your destiny. When you got back to Fortunata Hamilton, she suggested that it might have been possible that your mucking about with the Destined One list has actually changed fate and made you an actual Destined One. She said that further investigation into this matter would be required.

This investigation began with her giving you a series of questions to ask the seer that you previously rescued. Unfortunately that seer was undergoing her training in Ghost Widow's Fortress, so you needed to break into that just to talk to her. After getting the answers, Fortunata Hamilton determined that one more step was nessasary.

She would need to divine you with the same artifact that Kalinda used to generate the original Destined One list. You then broke into an Arachnos warehouse and stole the Eye of Chronos, the artifact in question, and returned it to Fortunata Hamilton, where she began the lengthy process of divining your destiny with it.

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