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I did some googling on the text on the plaque and it turns out it actually means something. The text is slightly modified from the lyrics to Vägi Ja Võim (Of Power and Might) by Metsatöll [1].

The lyrics from their song in Estonian:

Sepp see tagus külas mõõka, rassis koiduni
tõstis tera taevasse, ja kandus vägi
Tagus tulist edasi ja jõud see aina keris
uhkelt sõnas, et ses voolab hundi veri
Teadsime, keda hoida
ja nemad hoidsid meid
Koos oli meis väge

In English:

The blacksmith forged a sword, toiled until dawn
Lifted the blade to the sky, and passed on his might
Forged it on in the fire, and its might kept growing
Said proudly that the blood of wolves courses in its veins
We knew whom to look after
And they looked after us
Together we had power

-- Sekoia 19:48, 24 October 2013 (UTC)