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Faultline (Ally)

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This article is about the NPC Ally. For the Paragon City Zone, see Faultline.


Faultline is a young hero who can be found in the Rikti War Zone missions as member of Vanguard Shield. Named Jim Temblor, Faultline is the son of the villain of the same name who leveled Overbrook, and he's decided to restore the good name of his father.

To learn more about his father's true history and ultimate doom, you should do the story arc in Overbrook (aka Faultline) that starts with Jim.

Faultline is the boyfriend of the heroine Fusionette and they are often found in the same missions. He also knows the young but powerful psychic Penelope Yin.

During the missions, Faultline usually has Pet class hit points and damage levels, although, as a Hero, he has Archvillain resistance. He's usually an ally and not a mission objective, and like that, it's not necessary that he survives the mission.

Heroes and Villains can also find him on the following missions:


During the mission Fend off Rikti Raid from Levantera:

Captured by the Rikti:


Rikti Minion: Expression: Dismay!
Faultline: Character! They weren't kidding about re-enforcements!
Chief soldier: Enjoin: Battle!

Once free: Thanks for the help. Have you seen Fusionette?

If refound: Thanks. I really feel like a dope.

Ambush: Enemy forces: Linking up!

During the mission Defend the Base! from Levantera:

Once free: Thanks again, Character.

If refound: Thanks. I really feel like a dope.

Ambush: Enemy forces: Linking up!

During the mission Help with Conference Security from Serpent Drummer:

If you wait in the room a bit, the following can be overheard:

Faultline: So I said, "Ninjas and lawyers? Then it's a Tsoo Sue Studio!"
Faultline: Get it? Sue like litigation versus Tsoo the gang? No? Oh, nevermind, no one appreciates an artiste.

Faultline: Hey, Character!

If you talk to him directly:

Faultline: Hi, Character, some important conference, huh?


So you may be wondering why I'm all dressed up in this fancy suit. Oh, Serpent Drummer already told you? Okay. So you call that dressing up? Anyway, 'nette and I are on security for this conference. Only the best for world peace, right?

So far so good. It's been pretty quiet, actually. Everyone is surprisingly civil. It kind of makes me nervous, if you want the truth. Anyway, Serpent Drummer slipped in the back door a few minutes ago, so maybe you should go talk to him. He's got that purposeful stare about him and it's directed at you.

During the mission Strike Wargod Hro'Dtohz mission from Serpent Drummer:

Faultline: /t Fusionette Okay, okay. Then howabout you pick the movie tonight?

Faultline: Doh! Sorry, Mis-tell. Let's get back to the mission!


After he rediscovered his heroic roots, young Jim Temblor has been doing all he can to redeem the name of his father: Faultline. Following several intense battles with the Rikti, Faultline and his girlfriend Fusionette have joined the Vanguard to help fight the alien invaders.

Praetorian Version

Faultline's Praetorian counterpart is known as Jane Temblor and has similar powers. However, in Praetoria, Faultline is (obviously) female and her significant other is known as Fusion instead of the Primal version Fusionette.


These are the powers he uses during the missions:


EarthGrasp Fossilize.png Fossilize Ranged, Moderate Damage (Smashing), Foe Hold, -Defense
Encases a single target within solid stone. The stone slowly crushes the victim, dealing Smashing damage. The Fossilized victim is held helpless and unable to defend himself.

EarthGrasp StonePrison.png Stone Prison Ranged, Minor Damage (Smashing), Foe Immobilize, -Fly, -Defense
Immobilizes a single target within an earthy formation and deals some Smashing damage over time. Some more resilient foes may require multiple attacks to Immobilize. Stone Prison can also reduce a target's Defense.

EarthGrasp Quicksand.png Quicksand Ranged, Location Area of Effect, Foe -Speed, -Jump, -Fly, -Defense
You can cause the ground to liquefy like Quicksand at a targeted location. Any foes that pass through the Quicksand will become snared, their movement will be dramatically Slowed, and their Defense reduced. Foes trapped in the Quicksand cannot jump or Fly.

StoneArmor Granite.png Granite Armor Self, +Resistance (All but Psionics), +Defense(All but Psionics), -Speed, -Recharge, -Damage
When you activate this power, you are transformed into a massive bulk of unyielding Granite. Your incredible mass makes you almost completely invulnerable and resistant to most effects. However, you also become quite heavy, cannot fly, your attack and movement speed are Slowed and you do less damage. Granite Armor also grants you high resistance to Defense DeBuffs.Cannot be active at the same time as other Armors in this set, Fly powers, Sprint, Super Speed, or Jump powers.

StoneMelee StoneFist.png Stone Fist Melee, Moderate Damage (Smashing), Foe Minor Disorient
Your stone covered fists attack swiftly for moderate damage, and may Disorient your opponent.

StoneMelee SeismicSmash.png Seismic Smash Melee, Extreme Damage (Smashing), Foe Hold
This massive attack hits with all the force of the Earth itself. It deals tremendous amounts of damage, and may Hold the target if they are not defeated outright.

Temporary PVP BuffDefense.png Resistance Resistance
Archvillain resistance. (Only during Vanguard missions)