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Earth Assault

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Earth Assault is a secondary powerset for Dominators that will be included with Issue 16: Power Spectrum.

In line with Stone Melee and Stone Armor, this powerset may be released as Stone Assault or Stony Assault instead. The developers have a tendency to use internal names for powers and powersets instead of their release names. The most infamous of these is "Gadgets", the internal name for Devices.

According to Castle, Earth Assault was a project to help Sunstorm learn the ropes when he first started. [1]

Sunstorm then made the following statement [2]

... Earth Assault will be a very melee heavy set. Also opted for the regular Hurl boulder Animation, since the Propel Boulder animation uses the full 3.5 second long propel animation. Now I may be a huge fan of propel for my grav doms/Trollers, but the thought of having 2 versions of it didn't seem too fun.